June 15, 2006

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New directors appointed in student services
New directions for the department of student services includes two new directors. Nancy Davidge-Johnston is the new senior managing director of learning and retention and Tim Rahilly is the new senior managing director for student and community life. Davidge-Johnston was previously the director of SFU's co-operative education program. She has extensive management and leadership experience, program and curriculum development experience and has established networks with students and faculty, as well as the off-campus community. Rahilly, previously director of SFU's student development and programming centre, has many years of experience in organizational learning and in designing and delivering programs that maximize student academic and personal success. He is highly respected, both nationally and internationally, for his work in student development and student affairs.

Diamond centre chef takes national award
SFU's Diamond Alumni Centre (DAC) has one of the best university chefs in the country. Chef Dave Davis recently won a gold medal in the Rocky Mountain Rumble cook-off competition for Chartwells chefs across Canada. Chartwells is the college and university dining service that runs the DAC as well as many other Canadian university restaurants. The competition, held at the end of April at Douglas College, required teams of Chartwells chefs to use certain ingredients - including salmon, fiddleheads, pork and rocky road bars - to design and cook a six-course meal.  Davis and his partner, Jay Tanuwidjaj, won gold for a sumptuous repast that included tea-smoked salmon with jasmine and lemon cream; a fiddlehead cappuccino shooter (fiddlehead soup with cream floating on top to resemble a cappuccino); sun-dried tomato and panko crust pork loin; and wasabi green tea crème brulée with rocky road crumble. The judges based their decision on creativity, taste, presentation and the use of the required ingredients.

Open house visitor wins iPod
Patrick Anderson, who visited the environmental health and safety (EHS) display during SFU's open house, wins an iPod from the SFU microcomputer store for his correct answer to the question: Hearing loss results from damage to what part of the ear? (Answer: the cochlea of the inner ear). A display poster, How Loud is Your iPod?, drew attention to the alarming statistics that half of all high school students surveyed in the U.S. report at least one symptom of hearing loss, compared to nearly 40 per cent of adults.

SFU joins francophone organization
SFU has joined the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF). The multilateral organization supports international cooperation and solidarity among universities working in French, primarily in francophone countries in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. With a network of more than 600 organizations (public and private universities, higher education institutions, and research institutes) committed to scientific advancement in French, SFU's membership will encourage student and faculty mobility as well as cooperation in international research in areas where French is spoken in the university context.

Open house raffle winner a North Delta student
The winner of university advancement's open house raffle prize - a two-night stay at the Taku Resort on Quadra Island - is Laura Kreykenbohm, a Grade 12 student in North Delta who is planning to attend SFU in the fall. Special thanks to the Wong family for donating the prize and to everyone who joined us in  thanking our donors for the support they provide through scholarships, bursaries, research chairs and new facilities.

New phone numbers on the way
Four-digit dialing will soon be a memory at Simon Fraser University. The university will be switching to new phone numbers and retiring the old 268 and 291 exchanges, says network services administrator Mary Allen.  SFU Surrey phones will be switched first since the phone system there would have to be reconfigured as faculty and staff move into the new permanent campus during the summer. The Burnaby and Vancouver campuses will follow over the next 12 to 18 months, Allen says.  When the changeover is complete, all SFU phone numbers will begin with the 778 area code. The initial exchange will be 782, and later 783. Existing phones will keep their final four digits, she says. For example, 604-291-5555 would become 778-782-5555. “But you'll need to add a ‘2' before the final four digits to make a campus call.” Allen says the switchover will immediately give SFU an additional 5,000 numbers. When the 783 exchange is added, another 2,500 numbers will be available. Currently, the university has 5,000 numbers available, but these are rapidly being used up thanks to campus expansion. “We will have 7,500 new numbers. Five thousand have lasted 40 years. We're hoping for at least another 40 years with these,” Allen says.

Students earn UN award
SFU students attracted attention recently at the 2006 National Model United Nations in New York City where their Honorable Delegation of Sudan won an honorary award. The 22 students, who represented the Republic of the Sudan at the mock United Nations, were also able to secure a missions briefing with Ebrahim Mehdi, the former Sudanese Mission to Washington, and a current member of parliament for the Sudan.

SFU was the only university in Western Canada and one of only four Canadian universities to win this award.

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