Oct 16, 2003

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Clan chase playoff spot
SFU's football team has made it into the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) national rankings for the first time. With a 3-2 record and coming off a 38-12 Shrum Bowl win over UBC on Oct. 4, Simon Fraser is now ranked No. 10 in the CIS national rankings. Coming off its win over UBC in Shrum Bowl XXVI, SFU is taking a run at its first playoff appearance. In its first 36 years playing against mainly U.S. competition in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes, SFU never played in a playoff game. The Clan has two of its three remaining games at home. The lone road game is at UBC on Oct. 14.

Co-op placements higher
Despite severe accute respiratory syndrome, international terrorism and other unstable international conditions, the co-op education program's international placements for this fall semester are slightly higher than last fall. “Last year at this time we had 50 international placements and this year there are 52,” says Caroline Rose, international coordinator for the co-op program. “Of those 52 placements, five students are in China, 26 are in Japan, and the remainder are in Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, U.S., Australia and other parts of western Europe such as France, Germany and Switzerland.” While China placements dropped, Japan took up the slack, she says, adding an additional 10 student placements this fall.

Clague poster takes prize
A poster co-authored by SFU scientist John Clague helped put the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) on the map at a major conference of geographic information system (GIS) users, earlier this year. The poster Geoscape Canada: A map of Canada's earth materials presents colourfully the geological materials that make up the surface of the Canadian landmass. The poster was among more than 90 entries judged in the best integrated data category of a poster competition at the 23rd Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) international user conference in San Diego, California. Geoscape Canada, also co-authored by GSC geoscientists Bob Turner and Nicky Hastings, placed fourth in its category and was one of 800 maps from around the world on display in the conference's map gallery. Based in Redlands, California, ESRI is a privately held consulting firm that develops geographic information systems.

Changes in president's office
Oct. 1 marked several changes in the president's office. Moyna Gick, executive assistant to President Michael Stevenson, will now take on the duties of special assistant to the president, providing administrative support for preparations for SFU's 40th anniversary celebration in 2005. Mavis MacMillen, previously the assistant to the board of governors, will assume the duties of executive assistant to the president.

Occupational health wins awards
SFU's occupational health and safety department recently won two awards during the North America occcupational health and safety (NAOSH) week. For the third year in a row, SFU won first place in the B.C. education sector for safety activities during NAOSH week. The department also won first place in Canadian occupational safety magazine's NAOSH week photo contest. The photo was taken during activities at the SFU safety fair.

Chairs for sale online
As seen while scrolling through a few of the 449,201 eBay listings found on a recent visit to the electronic marketplace. There it was, right between number 23, computers and accessories and number 25, Woods Canada Northern Lite Sleeping Bags - what every university needs: number 24, a Canada Research Chair. Search for Canada Research chairs, and find millions of other furniture items on eBay.

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