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February 7, 2002

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Kimura findings questioned

As SFU News reported at the time (April 13, 2000), Doreen Kimura was awarded the Sterling controversy prize for her research on the cognitive differences between men and women. In her lecture she carefully explained that there is now a scientific basis for the assumption that women have a natural aptitude for some subjects and men for others, and that we should expect the percentage of women on the faculty in certain fields would be high and men predominate in others. In the figures now presented in SFU News (Jan. 24, 2002) Kimura has lost sight of the distinction at the centre of her scientific work. It is not enough to talk about the ratio of male to female applicants and jobs university wide. The research indicated that quotas set for the two sexes should differ by department. Ralph Maud Emeritus professor of English

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