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Oct 31, 2002

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Speed limits unrealistic

Some comments on Marianne Meadahl's article on campus speeding in the Oct. 17, 2002, SFU News.

I personally think that some of the speed limits are unrealistically low on campus and would very much like to see more realistic speed limits and then serious enforcement against those that go above the maximum speed limit.

And I am curious about why nothing has been done about what I consider to be the most dangerous crosswalk on campus: the one leading to the Diamond University Club. I have previously suggested that eastbound traffic on this road gathers speed so quickly as to endanger pedestrians and that a speed bump is very much needed to slow traffic down to protect pedestrians in this crosswalk. How is it that the South Campus road, which has very few pedestrians relative to the other crosswalk, warrants two speed bumps and one has never been installed on University Drive East near the Diamond University Club?

Maggie Fankboner
Departmental assistant

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