Chef a hit on small screen

May 16, 2002, vol. 24, no. 2
By Diane Luckow

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Diamond University Centre (DUC) executive chef Suave Jedynak is a quiet man but he found himself the centre of attention recently when a Shaw television crew invaded his kitchen.

They were filming a four-minute segment for Vancouver Masala, a new television show broadcasting on Shaw's multicultural channel.

Featuring Jedynak as a guest chef was an apt choice. Of Polish descent, he was raised on Italian cooking and then attended the Dubruille culinary school before operating a restaurant for a time in Indonesia. There, he picked up Asian influences for his cooking. He also spent time working under renowned Italian chef Lorenzo Loseto in Bacchus Ristorante at Vancouver's Wedgewood Hotel before storing his spatulas in the centre's kitchen three years ago.

“I think that's where I got the idea that you can use local ingredients and bring in more exotic seasonings,” says Jedynak.

For the show, he prepared grilled lemon grass calamari skewers and miso and pickled ginger B.C. salmon in a crispy nori shell.
Jedynak's culinary creativity is essential - 80 per cent of his daily luncheon clientele are regular diners. “Feeding the same people every day can be challenging, but that's where the excitement is,” he says.
Jedynak isn't interested in pushing popular TV chef Emeril out of the TV kitchen, but he did enjoy his four minutes of fame. “It was exciting and it's good to show what we're doing here at the DUC,” he says. “
Jedynak's segment aired in April.

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