Campbell achieves goals

May 30, 2002, vol. 24, no. 3
By Roberta Staley

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Chris Campbell (left) moved west from Windsor to do his MBA — as well as find out if Vancouver's much-touted lifestyle was “all it's cracked up to be.”

The variety of activities - roller blading along the seawall, snowboarding at Whistler, and playing beach volleyball and water polo - more than met expectations.

He more than achieved academic goals, too. Campbell distinguished himself scholastically, earning the faculty of business administration dean's graduate studies convocation medal for the highest GPA among graduate business students.

“I'm not a marks-focused person but I found the good marks just came,” says Campbell. “The medal is a bonus and I am honoured to be chosen.”

Campbell specialized in management information systems, a more hip and relevant area of study than the staid finance undergrad degree he obtained from the University of Windsor, which he attended following F. J. Brennan high school. The grad degree is specially tailored to B.C.'s growing software industry, giving him the business skills needed as well as the knowledge to communicate with software techies.

Campbell credits much of his success to SFU's quality instructors as well as program flexibility. Students can go at their own pace and study what truly inspires them. “The professors keep you in touch with opportunities: jobs, networking and some really interesting projects,” says Campbell.

Campbell is now employed as an application consultant with Cayenta Canada Inc., a software company that produces a utility management system.

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