Going for the third degree

Jun 13, 2002, vol. 24, no. 4

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President Michael Stevenson congratulates 78-year-old Lillian Newman who received her second degree, in humanities, at the June convocation. She's planning to begin studying for another degree, this time in English.

For Lillian Newman, June 5 marked the completion of her second degree. And though she is 78, it may not be her last.

Newman, a humanities major, earned a bachelor of arts degree, five years after receiving her bachelor of general studies degree. Now she is eyeing a return to studies with a new focus, English.

“I never had the opportunity to go to university, as I raised a family and worked,” says Newman. “So when I was nearing retirement I realized, it's time to do something with my life.”

Newman “got hooked” after trying out her first course. “There's not enough to keep me busy in an apartment,” she concedes. “So I became immersed in study.”

After completing her general studies degree - and missing her first convocation ceremony due to lung surgery - the breadth of humanities courses appealed to her.

Having walked across the stage this time, she's determined to keep on going. As she puts it, “Why stop now?”

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