Women of Distinction

Jun 27, 2002, vol. 24, no. 5

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SFU kinesiology professor Diane Finegood (left) and Patricia Gallaugher, director of continuing studies in science, have won YWCA Woman of Distinction 2002 awards.

Finegood was recognized in the field of science, research and medicine for her ground-breaking diabetes research. A chemical and biomedical engineer and a physiologist, she is internationally recognized for her research on the onset of juvenile and adult diabetes. She is also the national scientific director of the Institute on Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes, one of 13 Canadian Institutes for Health Research.

Gallaugher won in the category of social action for her behind-the-scenes work to nurture sustainable development for B.C.'s coastal resources.

A fish physiologist, an academic and the interim director for the Centre for Coastal Studies, Gallaugher has fostered unparalleled collaboration among scientists, the fishing industry, coastal communities, government, First Nations and politicians to develop a sustainable ecosystem that will save B.C.'s salmon and coastal communities' livelihood and way of life.

As well, recent SFU graduate Melanie Clark was recognized as a Young Woman of Distinction for her academic, athletic and music achievements and for her volunteer work with at-risk girls.

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