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August 5, 2010

School beckons and SFU faculty and staff are standing by to offer expert commentary of a range of educational themes:

Post-secondary transitions:

  • Tara Black, director, Student Development, 778.782.6754,
    Transition to university

  • Lisa Ogilvie, manager, Student Life, 778.782.3728,
    University orientation programs and academic success

  • Chris Rogerson, Residence Life, 778.782.5803,
    Moving out, living away, coping skills, helicopter parents

  • Lindsay Neilson, SFU International, 778.782.5887,
    Studying abroad through international exchange programs

  • Kate Ross, Registrar, 778.7882.4176,

  • Tim Rahilly, Associate VP, Students and International, 778.782.4004,

  • Nancy Johnston, Executive director, Student Affairs, 778.782.6572,
    Enrolment targets, entrance averages, competition among post-secondary institutions

Educational policy, testing and learning:

  • John Nesbit, education, 778.782.7123; (cel) 778.230.1495,
    Homework; learning styles

  • Maureen Hoskyn, education, 778.782.5808,
    Learning difficulties

  • Kieran Egan, education, 778.782.4671; 604.261.1533,
    Imagination and learning

  • Dan Laitsch, education, 778.782.7589,
    Educational policy and practice

  • Alyssa Wise, education, 778.782.8046,

  • Phil Winne, education (after Aug. 30), 778.782.4858,
    Learning strategies, learning software, learning styles, assessment issues

  • Milt McClaren, education, 250.764.8781,
    Curriculum, testing, parent involvement in schools

  • Paul Shaker, education, 778.782.3148,
    Educational policy

  • Peter Liljedahl, education, 778.782.5643,
    Math education; increased demand for secondary school math instructors


  • Diane Finegood, kinesiology, via Doreen Chiang: 778.782.6707,
    Childhood obesity, nutritional issues, school lunches


  • Brenda Morrison, criminology, 778.782.7627,
    Bullying issues

  • Wanda Cassidy, education, 778.782.4484,


  • Claire Trepanier, Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA), 778.782.6981,

  • Danielle Arcand, OFFA, 778.782.6866,
    French immersion; increased demand for post-secondary French-language programs
  • Gail Anderson, criminology, 778.782.3589,
    Author of an on-line book about choosing a ‘CSI’ career


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