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Egypt on the brink of collapse

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February 10, 2011
Things are changing minute by minute. At this moment, there are conflicting reports on CNN, BBC and Reuters on whether Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will step down shortly. Several SFU experts, students and faculty are watching the developments closely and can provide insight on what is happening.

Doug McArthur, public policy expert, has been instrumental in helping Afghanistan grow solid democratic roots after its political collapse. He fears that re-establishing stability in Egypt will be much more challenging. He had predicted the downfall of the current government.

Doug McArthur, 604.786.0016 (cell);

Alex Moens, political scientist who analyzes world affairs from an American perspective, shares McArthur’s view and believes that the Egyptian military will move in soon.

Alex Moens, 778.782.4361;

Andre Gerolymatos, an SFU international security expert, is watching to see if the extremist side of the Muslim brotherhood gains the upper hand in dictating Egypt’s future.

Andre Gerolymatos, 778.782.5597, 604.778.2712 (cell);

Paul Sedra, an SFU historian who specializes in Egyptian politics, believes the country’s military is behind the escalating chaos.

Paul Sedra, 778.782.7626,

Nicole Jackson, an SFU International Studies associate professor, considers herself one of the lucky foreigners in Egypt. She, her partner and their family recently escaped Egypt’s turmoil after the “trip of a lifetime” went unforgettably wrong. Jackson has a personal perspective on how foreigners, still trapped in Egypt, are likely doing.

Nicole Jackson, 778.737.2732;

Mitchell Shaw, a third-year SFU student studying international security and conflict, took political science courses on the Middle East in an exchange program with the American University in Cairo last fall. Shaw says, even though he witnessed a lot of protesting at the American University, he never expected the country to erupt in political chaos the way it has.

Mitchell Shaw, 604.250.2076;


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