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Elementary school opens

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November 23, 2010
SFU Education dean Kris Magnusson says the official opening today at 10 a.m. of University Highlands Elementary School which is practically on SFU’s doorstep, signals the launch of a symbiotic relationship in learning.

“First, there is a symbolic benefit: that within close proximity, we embrace public education at both ends of the developmental spectrum from elementary to advanced graduate work. Second, it provides a rich opportunity for interaction between the professionals at both educational institutions, and opens the door to further collaborative inquiry about teaching and learning. Third, it provides a means for the administration of the school and the faculty to identify issues facing public education in B.C.,” says Magnusson, who is a guest at the school’s opening today.

The school is the first of its kind in B.C. in terms of environmental friendliness and fills a need for school space at UniverCity, the newly-established community next to SFU’s Burnaby campus.

Kris Magnusson, 778.782.3148;


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