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Recession ‘ending’, budget

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August 31, 2009
End of the recession?
Statistics Canada suggests a small economic gain in June shows the country is pulling out the recession – and in fact, may be over. Andrey Pavlov an associate professor of finance in SFU’s business faculty, says while there are signs of recovery, he worries that the economy has “improved little.” He says, “in particular, this crisis presented an unprecedented opportunity to shrink the size of the government and expand the private sector. I see very little of this happening.” David Jacks, an assistant professor of economics at SFU, can also provide comment on the country’s latest economic picture.

Andrey Pavlov, 604.763.3696;
David Jacks, 778.898.6758;

Provincial budget (Updated)
On Tuesday, Sept. 1, the Campbell government -- facing a $2-billion deficit, possible government grant cuts, layoffs and public-sector wage freezes, and acrimony over the harmonized sales tax -- will table its first provincial budget since re-election in May. SFU experts can assess the economic and political impact of the B.C. Liberals’ fiscal plan. (Updated on Aug. 31):

Social programs/policy
John Richards, public policy program, 778.782.5250;

Taxation/public policy
Jon Kesselman, public policy, 778.782.5035;
Canada Research Chair in public finance; taxation

Andrey Pavlov, business, 604.763.3696;
David Jacks, economics, 778.898.6758;

Environmental/political issues
Cara Camcastle, political science, 778.782.6624;

Crown corporations/government services
Andrey Pavlov, business administration, 778.782.5835; 604.763.3696;

Anthony Perl, urban studies, 778.782.7887;

Urban/transportation issues
Gordon Price, city program, 778.782.5081;

Crime and policing issues
Robert Gordon, criminology, 778.782.4305;

Issues affecting seniors
Gloria Gutman, gerontology, 778.782.5063;


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