Issues & Experts Archive: 2005

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December 15, 2005
Hostages, King Kong, Soccer - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Walking the talk

The Christian Peacemaker Teams organization has reported a surge in inquiries from...

December 13, 2005
Election, superbugs, China - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Campaigning over Christmas

The federal election campaign is well underway and vying for voter...

December 06, 2005
Election, Narnia, beetles, China - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Much ado about nothing?

The federal election is well underway and the progress of both the incumbent...

November 29, 2005
SFU experts on the federal election
A vote of non-confidence in the federal Liberal government has set the stage for an election. SFU...

November 23, 2005
Politics, robots, tax reform - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Aboriginal issues in the forefront

The federal government has announced a massive financial package...

November 16, 2005
Civic election, federal politics, salmon - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Voter turnout could influence civic contests

A good voter turnout in the Nov. 19 civic elections...

November 07, 2005
Gangs, ice-age secrets, friends for life, overweight kids and politics
Issue: Gang culture clash

Due to the number of gangs butting heads on the Lower Mainland, police are...

Nov 01, 2005
Gomery, security, suicide - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Issue: Gomery report released

Justice John Gomery's long-awaited report on the federal sponsorship...

October 25, 2005
Lotteries, education, politics, controversy, art, terrorism - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Issue: Lottery makes Canadian history

The biggest lottery in Canadian history will be played out on...

October 17, 2005
Education, health, leadership, justice - issues, experts and ideas
Issue: Fixing a broken bargaining system

SFU Surrey education professor Dan Laitsch, an expert on...

October 04, 2005
New chancellor, honorary degrees -- issues, experts and ideas
New chancellor to be installed at fall convocation

SFU celebrates its 40th anniversary fall...

October 03, 2005
Politics, North Korea, families, aculturation, risk management - Issues, experts and ideas
Issue: Mayoralty race decided, election issues drawn

Vancouver councillor Sam Sullivan will face off...

September 21, 2005
Pine beetle, Middle East, marriage, cities, youth labour - issues, experts & ideas
Issue: Attacking the mountain pine beetle

The mountain pine beetle infestation is being called the...

September 14, 2005
Earthquakes, obesity, diabetes, epidemics, water - Issues, experts and ideas
Issue: Tracking a tremor Southern Vancouver Island is silently shifting, an event known as an...

September 06, 2005
Issues, experts, & ideas: Radical times and radical health
Idea: Remembering radical times

SFU will host a birthday bash to celebrate its 40th anniversary on...

August 29, 2005
Special back-to-school issue:
As the deadline approaches for the province to settle outstanding contract issues with unionized...

August 10, 2005
Softwood lumber, Israel, internet - issues, experts & ideas
Issue: Softwood victory; talks spawn skepticism

A NAFTA ruling is giving Canada a major victory in...

August 02, 2005
Bugs, bomb coverage and ancient fossils -- Issues, Experts and Ideas
Issue: BC's beetle battles

BC's on-going battle with pine beetles was the focus of a recent report by...

July 25, 2005
Work, politics, hockey, drugs, sustainability - issues, experts and ideas
Issue: Workplace accidents perceived as inevitable

A national study of attitudes toward work-related...

July 11, 2005
SFU Issues and Experts: terrorism, crime, legal abuse and sex
Issue: What's next on the terrorists' horizon?
It's a question that political leaders worldwide are...

July 06, 2005
SFU Issues and Experts: Big boxes, criminal attraction, imaginative learning
Issue: Big boxes bite the dust
Campbell River's city council is the latest group of civic politicians...

June 28, 2005
SFU Issues and Experts: Bill C38, Iraq, careers, choir, math
Issue: MPs decide fate of Bill C38

MPs are preparing to vote on Bill C38, which will change...

June 21, 2005
SFU Issues, Experts and Ideas: pipe band, security, environment, crime, ferries, literature
Thieves once again target pipe band

It's becoming an all-too-frequent occurrence for members of the...

June 14, 2005
Politics, digital games, performing arts - issues, experts and ideas
Issue: Budget vote today

The federal Liberals were not expected to fall after a series of confidence...

June 06, 2005
Holmolka, quality of life, housing, George Watt, arts - issues, experts and ideas
Issue: Boomerang-children-from-hell

Karla Holmolka's father has stated he will not be there to...

May 25, 2005
Political, medical destiny, computers and sex: Issues & Experts
Issue: The impending tale of two or more ridings…It remains to be seen how the final vote will shake...

May 17, 2005
Budget vote, music research -- issues, experts and ideas
Issue: Federal budget showdown Thursday

Whether or not a federal election will come sooner rather...

May 10, 2005
The provincial election - a week to go. Update #3
The provincial election - a week to go. Update #3….The countdown is on as voters prepare to elect...

May 10, 2005
STV, gangs, self-employment, careers - Issues, experts and ideas
Issue: From election vote to confidence vote…Voters in B.C. have one more week to weigh the issues,...

May 03, 2005
Housing, bullying, athletics - issues, experts and ideas
Issue: Robbing the poor to make the rich richer…That's what Krishna Pendakur fears is the net result...

April 26, 2005
Elections, TV, Simon Fraser's burial site - issues & experts & ideas
Issue: Federal election: sooner or later? ...The federal Liberals' negotiations with the NDP for...

April 19, 2005
Pope, STV, Disabilities, Enviroment, Health
Issue: A new pope is elected….The world's cardinals have given their blessing to a new pope,...

April 04, 2005
Pope John Paul II, Fraser River, immigration - Issues and Experts
The passing of the Pope...Catholics around the world continue to pray for and reflect on the life...

March 16, 2005
Air India, immigration, SFU, Internet - Issues and Experts
Air India verdict in...Crowds have been gathering outside the Vancouver courthouse since early...

March 02, 2005
Juveniles, bullying, food scarcity - Issues and Experts
Determining the fate of juveniles…The U.S. Supreme Court has banned the execution of convicted...

February 21, 2005
Budget, terrorism, AIDS, global warming - Issues and Experts
Liberals lay out Canada's financial roadmap…The Liberals will unveil their spending plans for the...

February 14, 2005
Budget, Korea, Kyoto, daycare, elder abuse - Issues and Experts
Liberals lay out B.C.'s financial roadmap…The Liberals will unveil their pre-election spending plans...

February 09, 2005
Kyoto, tsunamis, romance - Issues and Experts
Cleaning up our act…The Kyoto Protocol comes into effect next week (Feb. 16), seven years after...

January 31, 2005
Iraq, defence, workforce, virtual museums - Issues and Experts
Democracy at what price in Iraq?…Iraqis are celebrating the weekend election, the country's first...

January 28, 2005
Iraq elections - issues & experts
Democracy at what price in Iraq?…As Iraqis prepare to go to the polls on Sunday in their first...

January 25, 2005
Missile defence, Canada's image, marriage, Gung Haggis Fat Choy - Issues and Experts
Fueling the debate on missile defence…President George W. Bush's recent visit to Canada included a...

January 21, 2005
Landslides - Issues & experts
Weather leads to fatal landslide…As long as it keeps raining, homeowners through out the Lower...

January 18, 2005
Sri Lanka, tsunami aid, Palestine, lasers - Issues and Experts
Researcher heads for Sri Lanka…Associate geography professor Jennifer Hyndman had planned since...

January 12, 2005
Tsunamis, immigration, China, gender equality - issues and experts
Study targets B.C.'s tsunami warning system…An SFU study published by Public Safety and Emergency...

January 05, 2005
Tsunamis, Iraq, Ukraine, cultural intelligence - Issues and Experts
Taking tsunamis seriously...The loss of life and devastation unfolding in Southeast Asia following...