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December 18, 2006
Christmas, resolutions, Catt-Trax 2 – Issues, experts and ideas

The spiritual side of Christmas
Getting fit: It's all in your head
Catt-Trax 2: Amazon to Antarctica


December 12, 2006
Juries, anarchy, disability, literature – Issues, experts and ideas

Pickton jury selection underway
Anarchy, unplugged
Rising above disability
Classic illiteracy?


December 07, 2006
Financial security, competitive Christmas, military defence – Issues, Experts and Ideas

Spending and debting
Competitive Christmas
Long range plans for military

Spending and debting
A new...

November 30, 2006
Colin Thatcher gets parole – Issues, Experts, and Ideas

Colin Thatcher gets parole
Ex-Saskatchewan cabinet minister Colin Thatcher, convicted of murdering...

November 23, 2006
Charity, jazz & hiring hell – Issues, Experts, and Ideas
Record giving
Jazz for kicks
Hiring hell

Record giving

Statistics Canada today released a survey on...

November 21, 2006
International education – Issues, Experts and Ideas

B.C. and China sign pact on degrees

B.C. and China have signed an agreement allowing for more post...

November 20, 2006
Future of Iran – Issues, experts and ideas

In search of modern Iran

The quest for nuclear energy, extremist comments by the president, a hard


November 09, 2006
Sea urchin DNA, restorative justice – Issues, Experts and Ideas

Sequencing sea urchins
Healing and accountability

Sequencing sea urchins
SFU molecular biology and...

November 07, 2006
Education, U.S. election, global warming, orangutans – Issues, Experts and Ideas

Teachers raise issues

U.S. voters cast their ballots
Warnings on warming world
Orangutan outrage

November 01, 2006
Mental health, pipe band, 3D ’worms’ – Issues, Experts and Ideas

Too little too late: Plan to help mentally ill

SFU drummer brings home rare win
3D crawlers ‘traverse’...

October 30, 2006
Climate change, U.S. election, humour – Issues, Experts and Ideas

British report has climate change warning
Lines drawn in U.S. election
Wit and humour in China


October 27, 2006
Dream reading, Going to pot – Issues, Experts, and Ideas
Dream reading
Going to pot

Dream reading
Peter Behrens, a long-time advisor to SFU’s Praxis Centre for...

October 25, 2006
Child obesity, labour — Issues, Experts and Ideas
Poverty-childhood obesity link
Labour leaders lobby for fair wages

Poverty-childhood obesity link


October 24, 2006
Internet crime, energy, health

Internet crime, energy, heart disease, breast cancer – Issues, Experts and Ideas

Crime and the


October 19, 2006
Salmon controversy spawns presenters — Issues, Experts and Ideas

Salmon farming and sea lice net a big audience

Seven-month-long public hearings on the state of B.C


October 18, 2006
Nobel prize, student health, Aeroplan

Great minds think alike
Experts zero in on student health
Changing flight plans

Great minds think alike


October 04, 2006
Bill C-9, convocation, sea lice – Issues, Experts and Ideas

Tougher laws for violent offenders
Matter of degrees
Alberta study adds weight to SFU sea lice


October 04, 2006
Igali’s school a ‘life-long commitment’

Just back from a five-month stint in Nigeria, Olympic champion Daniel Igali says his support for


October 03, 2006
SFU Experts: School shootings, controversy

School shootings, controversy– Issues, Experts and Ideas

Amish school shooting
Controversial poet


September 26, 2006
Gandhi, borders, education, housing

Miki honored with Gandhi awards
Border guards walk off: a dangerous precedent?
Trading school books


September 22, 2006
Dangerous offenders & aspiring scribes

Issue: Three strikes and you're dangerous
Criminals who tally up three convictions for violent


September 14, 2006
Do violent videos kill for real?
Crossing the line...Kimveer Gill, the young man involved in yesterday's shootings at Dawson College...

September 13, 2006
Mass shooting at Montreal college

It’s not what you expect when you settle into your seat to learn at a public school — to be


September 11, 2006
9/11, French immersion, higher education

Remember 9/11
French immersion’s rosy picture
Transition to higher education
Acclimatizing to higher


August 31, 2006
Genetic engineering & Surrey with the fringe

Watchdogs or lapdogs? SFU Vancouver will host a free public forum on Tuesday, Sept. 5 from 7:30 to 9


August 30, 2006
Health, education and anarchy

Simon Fraser University
Public Affairs & Media Relations



August 24, 2006
Focus on Surrey: Our new campus opens Sept. 8

Your bride is in the mail
Naughty words and high definition
Learning to squeak

Your bride is in the


August 17, 2006
Issues, Experts & Ideas: Silenced pipers, anti-terrorism, rebound vacationers

Terrorism scare silences pipers
How do we stop terrorists before they strike?
Back to school: Numeracy


August 9, 2006
Mid East, kids’ interactive technology, video-painting

Will new moves quell fighting in the Middle East?

Each day, key players orchestrating the latest


August 04, 2006
Issues and Experts: Career pedophiles, serious gaming

Can career pedophiles be redeemed?

It’s a question that a lot of people are asking following the


July 28, 2006
Issues & Experts: angels & alumni

Simon Fraser University
Public Affairs and Media Relations (pamr)


July 20, 2006
Middle East, novels of summer, e-shopping
Middle East conflict rages on
A novel idea
Spotlight on Surrey campus: Women shoppers prefer online...

July 17, 2006
Middle east, Clifford Olson, rising heat—Issues, Experts & Ideas
Middle east, Clifford Olson, rising heat—Issues, Experts & Ideas

Conflict escalates in the Middle...

July 14, 2006
Takeovers, crashes, music and Surrey spotlights - Issues, Experts & Ideas
Another medium fades to black
Breathing devices could save lives
Music on the mountain

July 14, 2006
Toll-cameras and Clifford Olson

Smile, you’re on a candid toll-paying camera…Should vehicles traveling over the Lower Mainland’s...

July 10, 2006
Education, volcanoes and Surrey spotlights—Issues, Experts & Ideas

Imaginative education takes...

July 05, 2006
Missiles, algae, development - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Who should be afraid of whom?
Algae bloom mystifies scientists
A new face in Surrey could change the...

June 27, 2006
Teachers, defence, energy, weapons, Darfur – Issues, Experts and Ideas
Teachers approach ‘bonus’ deadline
BC teachers have until Friday, June 30 to reach a contract...

June 20, 2006
World Urban Forum — Issues, Experts and Ideas
World Urban Forum targets future sustainability – SFU highlights
Global urban growth and planning are...

June 13, 2006
Terrorism, policing, sustainability – Issues, Experts & Ideas
What to do about homegrown terrorism
Recent news that the Vancouver police has set up a...

June 07, 2006
Preview: Spring Convocation, Issues & Experts
Celebrating degrees
Nearly 3,200 students are eligible to participate in SFU’s spring convocation...

May 31, 2006
Robotics, Layton, spaceworms, puppets, insects – Issues, experts and ideas
Soccer dogs play, then head for Germany
Touted as Canada’s only four-legged soccer team, Vadim...

May 24, 2006
Media, Tourism, Economics, Robotics, Business – Issues, Experts and Ideas
Harper vs. media
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s move to organize a media questioning session didn’t...

May 17, 2006
Mining, guns, ancient theatre, physics — Issues, Experts and Ideas
Mining disaster in Kootenays
Four people have died in an accident at an abandoned mine near Kimberley...

May 10, 2006
Crime, school tests, breath holding, space worms – Issues, Experts & Ideas
A small stab at organized crime
The RCMP can’t afford to fight the majority of organized crime,...

May 02, 2006
Budget, business, Muslims, nature – Issues, Experts and Ideas
Conservatives unveil budget
The federal Conservatives will bring down a budget today which experts...

April 27, 2006
Softwood deal, girl violence - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Softwood deal a hard sell with provinces, forest industry

The US and Canadian governments may have...

April 11, 2006
Education, environment, diet – Issues, Experts and Ideas
Redefining classroom thinking

SFU education professor Roland Case believes there is merit in...

April 05, 2006
Kidnapped, Politics, Prisons, Cystic Fibrosis - Issues,Experts & Ideas
Vancouver millionaire’s son abducted
The 23-year-old son of Vancouver millionaire Robert McMynn was...

March 28, 2006
Politics, obesity, Cystic Fibrosis, anti-terrorism – Issues, Experts and Ideas
New era for relations with US
In his first interview with a Canadian print journalist since taking...

March 22, 2006
Issues, Experts and Ideas

Queen of the North sinks off BC coast

The sinking on March 22 of the BC ferry Queen of the North


March 16, 2006
Anarchists and boomerang kids - Issues, experts & ideas

Making sense of two new movies:

"V for Vendetta," a movie based on cult-status graphic novels


March 14, 2006
Afghanistan, First Nations - Issues, experts & ideas
Simon Fraser University
Media & Public Relations


February 23, 2006
Tell me it ain't so

SFU patrons at the Highland pub watched in stunned silence Feb. 22 as Canada's men's hockey team


February 21, 2006
Budget, alumni awards - Issues, Experts and Ideas
B.C. budget to be unveiled

The provincial budget will be unveiled today, Feb. 21, and SFU experts...

February 15, 2006
Religion, medicare, obesity, love - Issues, experts and ideas
Cartoon ire intensifies

Global protests by Muslims continue over the recent publication of cartoons...

February 10, 2006
Aboriginal students, Frenglish, healthcare majors - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Conspiracy, what conspiracy?

SFU education dean Paul Shaker takes issue with a recent Fraser...

February 07, 2006
Conservatives, firearms, e-mail, writing - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Defection overshadows cabinet picks

Former Liberal MP David Emerson's shift to the Conservatives may...

February 01, 2006
Health, Middle East, Liberals, Mars - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Are we in BC just health care whiners?

A new study says BC has the best health care in the country...

January 24, 2006
Election, Olympics, port operations - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Changing of the political guard

There's a new government leading Canada, headed by the Conservatives'...

January 19, 2006
Radio, Hells Angels - Issues, Experts and Ideas
CBC Radio broadcasts tomorrow from SFU Surrey

CBC Radio's The Early Edition will be broadcasting Jan....

January 17, 2006
Election, weather, Robbie Burns - Issues, Experts and Ideas
Final countdown to federal vote

A week can be a long time in politics, says veteran political...

January 09, 2006
Leaders prepare for debate
With two weeks to go, the federal election race heats up tonight with another televised leaders'...

January 05, 2006
Sustainability, cloning, technology, women's health, middle east - Issues, experts and ideas
Life after Sharon in the Middle East

As Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon clings to life following...

January 03, 2006
Federal election experts
The federal election campaign is rounding its final stretch as Jan. 23 draws near. The following SFU...