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U.S. economy, B.C. forest industry

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January 18, 2008
U.S. aid package to ward off recession
More gloom for forest industry

U.S. aid package to ward off recession

A $100 billion aid package announced today is U.S. President George W. Bush’s answer to a looming recession, given the economic downturn in everything from spending to housing starts. What are the consequences for Canada? SFU economics professor David Andolfatto can comment on steps being taken to ward off further economic woe.

David Andolfatto, 778.782.5825;

More gloom for forest industry

B.C.’s forest industry has shifted from being a wealth generator to “needing life support,” and the single thing keeping it alive is the accelerated harvest of  beetle-kill timber, says SFU pubic policy analyst Doug McArthur, in the wake of two more mill closures in the Kootenays.  “The industry has been weakened to the point where recovery is questionable,” notes McArthur, calling for an overhaul of forest policy.

Doug McArthur, 778.786.0016 (cell);