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Hear health costs of climate change at Open House

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May 27, 2008
The health problems generated by climate change are becoming as big a concern to health-related researchers and government policy makers as environmental problems.

Tim Takaro is a physician-scientist at SFU. At the university’s upcoming open house, Takaro will present a big-picture look at how climate change ultimately leads to the spread of infectious diseases, homelessness and many other health challenges.

He is also available now to talk about the human effects of climate change.

“Many scientists suggest that recent changes in climate are increasing the intensity and frequency of hurricanes and other extreme weather events,” notes Takaro. “With the increasing sea level rise due to thermal expansion of water and melting ice, tidal storm surges can be expected to increase in coastal areas where more and more people are living. As tragically demonstrated in Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta, the human costs of these events can be very high.”

The deadly Cyclone Nargis, which ravaged several states bordering Burma’s Bay of Bengal earlier this month, has claimed more than 77,000 lives.

Takaro will be presenting Health Impacts of Climate Change at 1:30 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. in the Arts and Social Sciences Complex 1, room 10051 at the Burnaby campus at SFU’s Open House 2008.

Tim Takaro, 778.782.7186,