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Rock slide, Greyhound murder

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July 31, 2008
Sea-to-Sky rock slide renews calls for new Whistler route
The rock slide on B.C.’s Sea-to-Sky Highway July 29 has renewed concerns not just about safety on the busy thoroughfare but about whether or not a new highway should be built to Whistler through the Capilano or Seymour watersheds. Geologist John Clague is a Canada Research Chair in natural hazard research at SFU and a world-renowned expert on landslides. He can discuss the latest incident, the chances of a recurrence and the geological feasibility of alternative routes to the Whistler region. (Clague is available after 6 p.m., July 31).

John Clague, 604.921.9904; 778.782.4924;

Greyhound bus passenger stabbed, beheaded
Authorities don’t know what caused a 40-year-old Greyhound bus passenger travelling to Winnipeg July 30 to repeatedly stab and then behead the younger man sitting next him. But SFU forensic psychologist Stephen Hart says the man most likely has “a major mental illness such as a psychotic disorder.” Hart can comment on how the incident may affect the other passengers and elaborate on what might have motivated the perpetrator. But, he stresses, “most violent people are not mentally ill and most mentally ill people are not violent.” SFU criminologist Neil Boyd, who can also comment, agrees that “it sounds like someone who is profoundly disturbed,” adding, “it’s not something that you would expect to recur with any frequency.”

Stephen Hart, 604.482.1750,
Neil Boyd, 604.947.9569; (best contacted by e-mail)