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Politics, water sustainability

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August 14, 2007
Political shuffle
Water experts pool resources

Political shuffle
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is shifting his cabinet ministers around for a second time in less than a year. Some of his predecessors have played political musical chairs twice in one year but those moves were to deal with ministerial resignations - not the case here. A number of SFU experts can help flesh out what Harper is up to, why and whether his changes are wise ones:

  • Patrick Smith, political science, 604.291.1544 (home)
  • Doug McArthur, public policy, 778.782.5208 (w), 604.786.0016 (cell),
  • Gary Mauser, political marketing/business, 604.936.9141 (h),
  • Robert Gordon, criminology, 778.782.4042 (w), 604.418.6640 (cell)
  • Neil Boyd, criminology, 778.782.3324 (o),

Water experts pool resources
More than 2,000 of the world’s top water experts are meeting in Stockholm this week for World Water Week. They’ll examine critical water-related topics and chart water sustainability initiatives that could play a role in improving lives and protecting the environment.  SFU earth sciences professor John Clague and associate professor Diana Allen can provide some perspective. For more on the event check