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U.S. election fallout

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November 5, 2008
In the wake of Barack Obama’s U.S. presidential win last night, two new SFU experts are available to talk about rapidly rising and falling stock markets and the potential long-term financial impact of Obama’s victory.

Ken Kasa, a professor of economics, believes the impact of a change in the president’s office on the global economy is overrated. But he does predict several policy changes under an Obama administration that will improve the American economy: higher taxes on the wealthy; more financial market regulation; a decline in military spending, and better health care coverage for all.

Ken Kasa, 778.782.5406,

Andrew von Nordenflycht, an SFU Business professor and expert on corporate governance, believes financial markets will register the impact of Obama’s victory once he starts announcing his cabinet. “If, as rumoured,” says von Nordenflycht, “Obama makes a relatively moderate and experienced choice for treasury secretary and chooses a high profile Republican nominee for defence secretary that may calm markets. It will signal a moderate, let’s-work-together strategy.”

Andrew von Nordenflycht, (on research semester in Seattle), 206.458.9095,

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