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December 21, 2006
$88 million boosts high performance computing

An $88-million federal investment in national high performance computing ...

December 15, 2006
SFU physicists find first evidence of rare single top quark

Simon Fraser University’s high-energy physics group has detected for the


December 14, 2006
SFU alumni aim for better health, cities, social justice

Four outstanding alumni and a science graduate student from Simon Fraser


December 12, 2006
New registrar joins SFU

Simon Fraser University has a new registrar. Kathleen (Kate) Ross takes on...

December 11, 2006
Anonymous gift guarantees long life for Seniors Program

SFU’s Seniors Program has received an early Christmas gift worth $1.5...

December 08, 2006
Jarislowsky Foundation gifts $1 million to launch religion and culture chair

A $1 million gift from the Jarislowsky Foundation will be matched by Simon...

December 07, 2006
SFU Surrey elf tests season’s best tech toys

Toby Donaldson, a computing scientist at SFU Surrey, has been helping...

December 06, 2006
Funding provides bird’s eye view of climate change
A multi-million dollar research project that involves Tony Williams, an...

December 05, 2006
Real estate funds health and education research
Two large-scale research projects that could help revolutionize medical...

December 05, 2006
Dirt-dwelling workhorse unearthed
A microorganism capable of digesting pollutants and producing industrially...

December 04, 2006
New centre to focus on Muslim diversity
A $1 million gift from the Lalji family of West Vancouver is helping to...

December 01, 2006
SFU Vancouver events

November 29, 2006
New ‘beams’ to benefit materials research

Canadian and international research teams involved in molecular and


November 23, 2006
Kick back with Jazz for Kicks at SFU Burnaby

November 21, 2006
Recovered Igali returns home

Note: Igali will arrive in Vancouver on Wednesday, Nov. 22 at 1:30 p.m. on


November 20, 2006
Lecturer creates chemical bond with school children
Wearing a white lab coat, latex gloves and protective goggles, fringed by a...

November 16, 2006
BC courts easy on crime
BC’s criminal justice system often fails to ensure criminals pay for their...

November 16, 2006
Sea urchins and humans share genes

Simon Fraser University molecular biologists have helped a worldwide team


November 14, 2006
Ethnic minority seniors face health hurdles

Ethnic minority seniors face a number of barriers when it comes to


November 14, 2006
Jaccard joins national round table

Simon Fraser University professor Mark Jaccard is one of three new


November 10, 2006
The Attar Project takes centre stage at SFU Surrey

November 09, 2006
Take this test-drive - in the lab

In Tom Spalek’s new lab, drivers buckle up and hit a virtual highway. As...

November 02, 2006
Orangutan researcher warns extinction imminent

Renowned primatologist Biruté Mary Galdikas, a professor in Simon Fraser...

October 30, 2006
Video games teach hockey safety
Can video hockey games influence how hockey players behave on ice? Chad...

October 27, 2006
Avalanche experts descend on SFU Vancouver
Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Natural Hazard Research will co-host...

October 26, 2006
Game transforms computing classroom
A team of Simon Fraser University computing science professors is ready to...

October 18, 2006
Now Newspaper helps SFU Surrey reach community
SFU Surrey named one of its four 100-seat theatres the Now Newspaper...

October 20, 2006
Politics of breast cancer: Advancing research

October 20, 2006
Walking for a cure

Walking for a cure

As her eyes meet those of Terry Fox’s statue at SFU


October 19, 2006
Farming salmon in fresh water

Farming salmon in fresh water

Many say it can’t be done.

But Larry Albright,


October 17, 2006
Kimura claims Kistler prize

Sex and Cognition author claims prestigious Kistler Prize

SFU psychologist


October 17, 2006
God, Heaven and the Afterlife

God, Heaven and the Afterlife

Simon Fraser University's continuing studies


October 16, 2006
Breast cancer research pushes the envelope

Pioneering research in radiation therapy and cellular manipulation at Simon


October 12, 2006
New facility boosts biomedical research

A new facility that will advance medical research at Simon Fraser


October 06, 2006
Poet-professor Roy Miki scores honours hat trick

SFU English professor and Governor-General award-winning poet Roy Miki is


October 05, 2006
Chinese delegation gets economic lowdown from SFU
With Simon Fraser University political scientists as their personal tour...

October 04, 2006
Early dragsters were rebels — with a cause

Vancouver dragracers and hotrodders in the 1950s were more than free


October 03, 2006
Auto’s effects spark social study

A Simon Fraser University-led project is focusing on traffic safety as a


September 28, 2006
Building healthy homes

A newly revamped complex of low-income housing could help its occupants,


September 27, 2006
New vessel revolutionizes fisheries research

Simon Fraser University’s latest marine research toolkit would have been a


September 26, 2006
Convocation honors arts, science and sports greats

A pair of internationally-known filmmakers and a football great are among


September 26, 2006
UK business expert joins investment talks

Colin Melvin, director, corporate governance of the U.K.’s Hermes Pensions


September 25, 2006
Fighting bio-terrorism with its own kind

An SFU spinoff company, Burnaby-based Twinstrand Therapeutics, has won a $2


September 20, 2006
Urban issues come under scrutiny

A new public lecture series aimed at making communities safer — called Safe


September 19, 2006
Young Ismaili Muslims embrace Canadian values

Canadian-born Ismaili Muslims strongly identify with Canadian values of


September 14, 2006
Historian advocates anarchy

Today, especially days after the marking of the fifth anniversary of 9/11 -


September 14, 2006
Fox medal winner spirited by drive


Determination, a little technical help, and a refusal to give in


September 14, 2006
Celebration lauds Kamloops program grads

Elders from two First Nations will honor the accomplishments of SFU student


September 12, 2006
Greek on-line draws learners, worldwide

Simon Fraser University now teaches Greek to more students than any other


September 12, 2006
Study shows telecommuting’s flip side

Think telecommuting will improve your work/life balance? Not necessarily,


September 11, 2006
Former track star Emilie Mondor remembered

Former Simon Fraser University track and field star and Olympian Emilie


September 11, 2006
Finish that degree – on the weekend

September 08, 2006
SFU opens permanent Surrey campus

Simon Fraser University’s new Surrey campus was officially opened September


September 08, 2006
On the Border: Immigration, security and other issues

In the United States, "borderlands" is shorthand for the Southwest states


September 08, 2006
Open house to showcase new Surrey campus

SFU Surrey invites the community to check out the new Surrey campus at an


September 07, 2006
SFU Surrey campus opens Sept. 8

September 06, 2006
REALTORS® support urban sustainability program

The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia and the Fraser Valley Real


September 06, 2006
Mail order brides face risky business

All may not be fair in love and marriage — if you happen to be a mail order


September 05, 2006
SFU Surrey invites community to opening

Simon Fraser University is inviting the community to help celebrate the


September 05, 2006
SFU brings more Mozart to the mountain

August 31, 2006
Back-to-school education experts

SFU professors from the Faculty of Education are available to speak on the


August 30, 2006
SFU names Artist in Residence

Simon Fraser University's School for the Contemporary Arts is very pleased


August 28, 2006
TV anchor uses Wosk Centre

August 24, 2006
From prof to poet via the Fringe

SFU Surrey professor Sasha Colby will trade her lectern for the footlights


August 23, 2006
Tourists want to live where they play

Imagine having your holiday guests show up next summer – and move in. For


August 21, 2006
Researchers target Down syndrome progress

SFU researchers working to improve the quality of life for those with Down...

August 21, 2006
Champion pipers return home

Members of the world champion Robert Malcolm Memorial Grade 2 pipe band —


August 18, 2006
Terrorism scare makes band pipe up

Members of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band hope some pressure in high


August 17, 2006
Shopping for education at SFU Surrey

Not too long ago, it was inconceivable – a marriage of academics, shoppers


August 15, 2006
Seniors program comes to Surrey

August 14, 2006
Announcement re: Macleans magazine

On August 14, 2006, Simon Fraser University joined 10 other major Canadian


August 14, 2006
Divers' presence affects blackeye goby

‘Do not disturb’ may be the ecotourist’s motto, but the mere presence of


August 13, 2006
Pipe bands first and second

It was a first and a second for the Simon Fraser University pipe bands


August 11, 2006
Video 'paintings' emerge as new art form

August 09, 2006
Designing interactive technology for the real kid

Getting inside a child’s head is key to creating successful kid-oriented


August 04, 2006
Playing the homeless game

There is no fun in seeing people suffer, but a computer game about their


July 28, 2006
Something to pipe about

One is an accountant, the other is a retail store manager, but you put


July 28, 2006
Viking expert attains highest honour

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) has elected Erle Nelson — an SFU


July 28, 2006
Firefighters help SFU tackle mental health

The Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society (SFCS) is donating $100,000 to


July 25, 2006
Igali school to open in August

Olympic champion Daniel Igali’s dream of a new school for his village of


July 24, 2006
Women shoppers prefer online ‘warmth’

Online shopping that offers a warm and social environment is more appealing


July 19, 2006
New national chairs research climate and disease
While the media trumpets warnings of global climate change almost daily,...

July 19, 2006
Study targets dog laws & education
If you are an American pit bull terrier living in Coquitlam, the law says...

July 19, 2006
Scientists share secrets on wireless technology

July 18, 2006
Breath-hold research could save lives
Helicopters need to be equipped with breathing systems that passengers can...

July 18, 2006
Geography professor tackles poverty in Surrey
Sean Markey, a geography professor at SFU Surrey, doesn’t just teach about...

July 12, 2006
Simon Fraser University to open new Surrey campus
Simon Fraser University will celebrate the opening of its new Surrey campus...

July 11, 2006
Beekeeper creates buzz on national TV

July 10, 2006
Canadian directors worried about lawsuit risks
Canadian directors of TSX-listed companies say they face a high risk of...

July 10, 2006
Have fun learning to be safe

July 06, 2006
Kids' Safety Fair at SFU

July 06, 2006
SFU brings Mozart to the mountain

June 30, 2006
Love of the Sea Thrives at Award-winning Marine Centre
A life-long love of the ocean lured Sarah Tyne to a job that keeps her...

June 30, 2006
SFU tops in research publication effectiveness
A recent study by Research Infosource Inc. Canada has named Simon Fraser...

June 29, 2006
New Studies Target Global Workforce, Interest Rate Perceptions
A string of SFU Business research projects – targeting global employment,...

June 28, 2006
SFU Author Earns Prize for Promoting Canadian Science
Simon Fraser University author Barry Shell is the recipient of the 2005...

June 28, 2006
Winning Development Clinches Award
Another award proves once again that UniverCity is a winning place to live,...

June 27, 2006
Predation Plays a Role in Evolution Say SFU Scientists
A Simon Fraser University doctoral student has discovered that predators...

June 23, 2006
Computer simulation to help battle HIV/AIDs
Health care professionals may soon have a new tool to fight HIV/AIDS,...

June 23, 2006
Dr. Hans Blix: Weapons of Terror
Dr. Hans Blix, former head of both the United Nations Monitoring,...

June 21, 2006
High school grads net major entrance scholarships to SFU
It’s commencement time at high schools, and some high school graduates have...

June 16, 2006
Outstanding students claim $2.8 million in entrance scholarships from SFU
It’s commencement time at high schools across Canada, and 45 students have...

June 14, 2006
One of Engineering’s ‘Brightest’ wins Top Medal
When two people work together to push a sofa from one room to another they...

June 14, 2006
PhD Graduate Applies High-Tech to Immune Studies
It’s not hard to imagine Jennifer Gardy hosting a television science...

June 14, 2006
Prize-winning Former Politician Graduates from SFU
Growing up in the school of hard knocks hasn’t stopped Terry Beech from...

June 14, 2006
Sixth SFU Student Nets Top National Graduate Award

Ground breaking research in chemistry that will advance the invention of


June 13, 2006
Graduating Catcher has Sights Set on Olympics
More time in the field – or rather on the field — is what’s in store for...

June 13, 2006
Bug Lover Twigs to How Twig Borers Make Love
Simon Fraser University graduand Melanie Hart is known as an eccentric...

June 13, 2006
Cancer Survivor’s Passion for the Arts Spurs Her On
To look at Peg Keenleyside, her youthful face framed by short, blond hair,...

June 13, 2006
Sea Hunter Earns PhD in Archaeology at SFU
World renowned maritime archaeologist James Delgado, co-host of The Sea...

June 13, 2006
Shrum medallist has passion for film
Each year, SFU bestows its most prestigious medal – the Gordon Shrum gold...

June 07, 2006
Vancouver Foundation awards $20,000 to SFU’s Imagine BC program
Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue has received $...

June 05, 2006
Researchers question Fraser Institute school rankings
Three education researchers at Simon Fraser University are advising the...

June 05, 2006
SFU President’s Forum speaker explores Medicine, Morals and Money
University of Toronto professor of pediatric medicine Nancy Olivieri will...

June 05, 2006
Don MacLachlan to Head SFU’s Media Relations Team
Simon Fraser University has a new director of public affairs and media...

June 03, 2006
Thank you for coming and thank you for helping

May 31, 2006
Million dollar gift targets costly group of diseases
The Milan and Maureen Ilich Foundation is donating the last $1 million...

May 25, 2006
SFU Targets Emerging Field of Biomedical Engineering
B.C. is becoming a powerhouse in the field of biomedical engineering and...

May 25, 2006
Pictures create global bond between underprivileged children
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what could children at opposite...

May 24, 2006
Spring Convocation follows SFU Open House celebration
Simon Fraser University has a lot to celebrate in June — from its 40th...

May 19, 2006
Grooming a public health workforce for globalization
Public health officials are already struggling to deal with the latest...

May 17, 2006
Digging up History with Digitization
Lynn Copeland hopes that a conference hosted by Simon Fraser University...

May 10, 2006
SFU Receives National Top Employer Award
Simon Fraser University is among five Canadian employers being recognized...

May 10, 2006
SFU Residences Garner Top Construction Award
Students in Simon Fraser University’s new residences are living in award...

May 05, 2006
Donation Helps Fund New Theatre for SFU Surrey
When students at Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus head to class this...

May 05, 2006
SFU Segal Graduate School of Business Opens for Business
Simon Fraser University's Segal Graduate School of Business rolled out the...

May 04, 2006
Aging, Agism and Abuse
No one likes to think of seniors being abused but it happens everyday,...

May 02, 2006
Jaccard Nets Donner Prize for Book on Fossil Fuels
SFU professor Mark Jaccard is the recipient of the Donner Prize for his...

May 01, 2006
Official opening: SFU Segal Graduate School of Business
Simon Fraser University officially opens its Segal Graduate School of...

April 26, 2006
SFU celebrates 40th anniversary with Open House June 3

Open house website:

Simon Fraser University’s 40th


April 20, 2006
SFU Research Takes Aim at Kidney Disease

New funding will help Simon Fraser University cell biologist Lynne Quarmby

April 19, 2006
Study Sheds New Light on the Agony of Defeat
Failing to qualify for a spot on an Olympic national team can be crushing...

April 11, 2006
Website Explores Our Relationships with Technology
Students in a fourth-year class at Simon Fraser University have created a...

April 06, 2006
Museum Receives Rare Puppet Collection
Simon Fraser University's museum of archaeology and ethnology has become...

April 05, 2006
SFU’s New Online Directory of Experts
Check out SFU’s New Online Directory of Experts

Need an...

April 03, 2006
Certifiable: SFU Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition
April 11-28, Tuesday-Saturday, 1-5:30 pm
Simon Fraser University, Alexander...

March 30, 2006
Wosk Donation Launches SFU Surrey Campaign
A $100,000 gift from Yosef Wosk marks the first contribution to the $3...

March 29, 2006
IMAGINE BC Dialogue to Focus on B.C.’s Future

March 29, 2006
SFU Surrey to Host National Design Research Centre

March 27, 2006
SFU Surrey to Host National Design Research Centre
Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus will be the home of a new national...

March 24, 2006
SFU to Confer 10 Honorary Degrees
SFU to Confer 10 Honorary Degrees

Simon Fraser University will confer...

March 23, 2006
SFU Scientist Key Player in U.S. Anti-terrorism Project
A Simon Fraser University scientist is a key player in a major US...

March 23, 2006
SFU Swimmers take aim at World Records for Cystic Fibrosis
Simon Fraser University's varsity swim team hopes to break a few world...

March 14, 2006
It's in the bag, thanks to student innovation
Forgetting your keys could become less of a problem if the bag you carried...

March 08, 2006
Classes cancelled due to snow
Classes at SFU tonight (as of 5:30 p.m.) are being cancelled due to heavy...

March 07, 2006
Senate approves prep college for international students at SFU
Simon Fraser University's senate last night voted 27-15 to approve a...

March 06, 2006
Study provides first direct evidence sea lice kill young wild salmon
A Simon Fraser University researcher has co-authored a new study providing...

March 03, 2006
UniverCity named Canada's best community development
It may be the new kid on the block, but UniverCity, the new community at...

February 27, 2006
Students Stryjak and Midgely to be remembered at SFU campus memorial
Simon Fraser University's Interfaith Centre will conduct a brief campus...

February 24, 2006
$2 million donation from Simons Foundation promotes 'more humane world'
With the addition of two new academic chairs at Simon Fraser University,...

February 24, 2006
Memorial Service for Brendan Midgley and Joe Stryjak

February 24, 2006
SFU swim and dive team members disciplined for inappropriate conduct
Simon Fraser University's swim and dive teams will not participate in the...

February 23, 2006
Tap, tap, tap - student invention can name that tune
The simple, rhythmic bopping of a finger has led a trio of SFU computing...

February 16, 2006
“Science to Business” post-doc fellowships available to SFU Biotech MBA students
Three post-doctoral fellowships covering complete tuition and a salary of...

February 16, 2006
SFU Business achieves international accreditation
Simon Fraser University's faculty of business administration has achieved...

February 13, 2006
UILO group at SFU appoints Don Osman as technology manager
Simon Fraser University's university-industry liaison office (UILO) has...

February 07, 2006
Larissa Lai named SFU's newest writer-in-residence
It doesn't matter if you're a timid first-timer or a seasoned pro-if you're...

February 07, 2006
SFU women's studies celebrates 30th anniversary with conference
Simon Fraser University's women's studies program is celebrating its 30th...

February 06, 2006
Open House showcases SFU Surrey campus
Simon Fraser University invites the public to check out its exciting new...

February 06, 2006
Explore career options and more at SFU's applied sciences open house
Ever seen four-legged robots playing soccer?

Well, now's your chance to...

February 06, 2006
SFU inks agreement with top Korean university
Simon Fraser University's faculty of education and South Korea's Cheonan...

January 31, 2006
Anti-establishment gadfly Linda McQuaig to speak at SFU
Her former employer Conrad Black once suggested she be “horsewhipped” for...

January 30, 2006
Fossil fuels to retain significant global role
Contrary to popular belief, fossil fuels are not going the way of the...

January 23, 2006
Brendan Midgley and Joseph Stryjak memorial

January 20, 2006
BC lawyers face obscenities, death threats at work
Close to 60 per cent of BC's lawyers have experienced work-related abuse...

January 10, 2006
First Nations perspective follows archaeology website success
A unique website about the peopling of the New World, created at SFU for...

January 09, 2006
Issues fall short in election coverage
Media coverage of elections can be heavy on the campaign and light on the...