> ‘One World’ winner to study down under

‘One World’ winner to study down under

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Ramsay Malange, 604.630.6000; rma16@sfu.ca
Marianne Meadahl, PAMR, 778.782.4323

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November 6, 2009

Simon Fraser University psychology student Ramsay Malange is heading to Australia for a year of studies after being named the recipient of a $20,000 Premier’s One World Scholarship.

The scholarship supports B.C. students in their bid to become global citizens while encouraging the international exchange of knowledge and culture.

Currently spending the term in SFU’s Undergraduate Semester in dialogue program, Malange will head down under to study for a year at Australia’s Monash University in January.

Malange is strattling two fields of study – psychology and nutrition – and plans to pursue a career that would involve developing policy on food production, safety and security.

He’ll study at Monash’s Centre for Bioethics. “I think it’s a good mix of interests,” says the Anmore resident. “I’m interested in psychology, specifically looking at why people make decisions and how their values and attitudes influence them.

“That can be applied to many things, including how we deal with nutrition and food production and the impact of people on the environment.”

In an opinion piece he penned recently for the Vancouver Sun, Malange wrote about how we measure the value of arts and culture, suggesting that traditional economic indicators “are poor tools” and how the Canadian Index of Well-Being, to be released next year, would do a better job.

Besides maintaining high grades, Malange has also spent considerable time as a community volunteer for such groups as the Eagle Ridge Youth Council, TriCities Youth Week’s steering committee, and the Easter Seals Christmas camp.

The Premier’s scholarships are funded by an endowment fund established by the province for international education. Up to five scholarships are awarded annually.



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