> Record $22-million donation establishes Beedie School of Business at SFU

Record $22-million donation establishes Beedie School of Business at SFU

Ryan & Keith Beedie: Contact Mat Wilcox, 604.828.7007; mwilcox@wilcoxgroup.com
Andrew Petter, SFU President, 778.782.4641; petter@sfu.ca
Daniel Shapiro, Dean of SFU Business, 778.782.4183; daniel_shapiro@sfu.ca
Derek Moscato, Director, Marketing and Communications, SFU Business, 604.671.4567; derek_moscato@sfu.ca
Don MacLachlan, PAMR, 604.763.3929; donmac@sfu.ca

Availability of principals: See note at end of release

Ryan and Keith Beedie

February 9, 2011

Ryan and Keith Beedie have donated $22 million to Ryan’s alma mater—SFU Business, which will now be named the Beedie School of Business. This is the largest gift that Simon Fraser University has ever received.

SFU will use the gift to create an endowment supporting students, professorships and research chairs.

“What’s great about our donation is that it’s an investment in the future,” says Ryan Beedie. “The endowment will be there for generations to come, to give students the SFU education that I was fortunate to have had and to enable the university to attract the best teachers and researchers.”

“Receiving a gift of this magnitude is wonderful for the university,” says SFU president Andrew Petter, “but having it come from a former student makes it even more special. I can’t imagine a better way for Ryan and his father to recognize the value of education than to give back to the business school to build its program and make it more available to others. That speaks volumes.”

Daniel Shapiro, dean of the newly named Beedie School of Business, says that the gift will help make the school a global thought leader in areas such as innovation and entrepreneurship, Asia Pacific business studies, risk management and sustainability.

“The students who graduate from SFU’s Beedie School of Business will go on to lead existing Canadian businesses and to create exciting new ones. This gift is really an investment in the economic future of British Columbia and Canada.”

Born and raised in Burnaby BC, Ryan Beedie earned his BBA in 1991 at SFU and his MBA in 1993 at UBC. In 1992, he joined his family’s industrial real estate development firm. Under Ryan’s direction, the firm has grown to be the largest landlord of industrial space in British Columbia. Recently the Beedie Group has expanded its commercial presence into Southern Alberta, residential homes and Beedie Capital Partners.


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Availability of principals:
Ryan Beedie, Andrew Petter and Daniel Shapiro, plus a number of students from the Beedie School of Business, will be available to media at 10 a.m. Wednesday, east end of Convocation Mall, at SFU's Burnaby campus.
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I am sure he will live long enough- at least 40 more years.


Excellent, good to hear.

sfu student

its great to see people like you giving back to your school.

god bless you!



I will make this short.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate this donation. As a recipient of your bursary I wanted you to know this means the world to me right now.

Thank You so much for this support.



Thank you. This is amazing and I wish I could someday do the same thing for future students. This has helped me in ways you can not imagine.


Work hard enough, maybe one day you can do the same.


great to see the world have stars like you u are my shining