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Students to tackle crime reduction

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Jane Fee, TechOne Program Director, 778.782.7544, jfee@sfu.ca

Related web site: http://www.sfu.ca/techone/

March 8, 2007
First-year students at Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus will be trying their own approach to crime reduction this fall.

Students in the first year of the TechOne program will take on an assignment to design a safer way to get from the Surrey Central SkyTrain station to the adjacent campus.

The community-based design project, which will vary from year to year, is just one of the innovations of the Faculty of Applied Sciences’ first-year cohort program, says Jane Fee, program director.

She notes that it ties in well with Surrey Mayor Dianne Watt’s recently announced crime reduction strategy.

“Design plays an important role in people’s everyday lives,” Fee says. “And design can be used to improve the built environment and to make that environment safer.

“Our students can play a valuable role in making our local community as safe and secure as possible.“

Fee says that TechOne has been updated to provide students more choice in their course selection and access to the range of new undergraduate programs offered at the Surrey campus.

“It reflects both the technology-rich nature of our campus and an enhanced understanding of how to engage first-year students.”

TechOne and the other two cohort programs offered at the campus – Science Year One and Explorations in the Arts and Social Sciences – differ from traditional first-year programs in that students take a core group of courses together, easing the transition from high school and allowing for friendships, peer support and teamwork habits to develop.