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Open house to showcase new Surrey campus

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Contact: Terry Lavender, PAMR, 778.782.7408

September 8, 2006

SFU Surrey invites the community to check out the new Surrey campus at an open house on Saturday, Sept. 9 (noon-4 p.m). For a complete rundown of events and times see Here are some highlights, including several with good photo potential:

Dramatic architecture, accentuated by a nautical theme and use of massive peeler logs – the creation of architect Bing Thom and interior designers Omicron and Raven Design — make SFU Surrey a campus with plenty of visual interest.

  • Watch Jim Bizzocchi’s video ‘paintings’ — moving imagery designed as background artwork — including Streaming Video, a study of moving water.

  • Computer animation expert Steve DiPaola will show how his new virtual beluga whale exhibit will one day enhance visits to the Vancouver Aquarium.

  • The Mastermind project is a product of computational criminology — see how it tracks an offender’s mobility and predicts where repeat offenders might strike.

  • Researcher Tamara Smyth will demonstrate computers that can create virtual musical instruments.

  • Let Homeless: It’s No Game teach you about homelessness — a virtual game created by graduate student Terry Lavender.

  • Experience interactive arts and technology demos:

            -the worm band tunnel allows you to crawl through a worm tunnel and make music as you go;
            -the Carbonator tests your level of environmental friendliness;
            -Lego Mindstorms and NXT robots teach children about sensor technologies

  • Become a surgeon — visitors can remove buck-shot or dissect a liver at a demo of engineering science’s endoscopic surgical tools.

  • SFU’s aerial robotics group model helicopter UAV combines gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and an embedded computer into a fully functional navigation/flight system — see how it works.

  • See how computing science is helping to analyze molecules in the field of molecular biology — through the use of special tools created by researchers at SFU.

  • ‘Squeak’ is the ultimate digital toy box, enabling young kids to do everything from writing interactive stories to creating music or movies.

  • Hear SFU forensic entomologist Gail Anderson talk about her CSI related work: 1:30 p.m., rm 2600

  • Jen Marchbank, director of explorations in arts and social sciences shares her studies on a thriving business — the mail order bride industry. 1 p.m., rm 3090

  • Two degrees in one — Yan Jin will explain how SFU computing science students can participate in a new dual degree program — and secure degrees from SFU and Zhejiang University in China: 1 p.m.

  • Can business be an art form? Imagination boot camp is aimed at the business crowd. Ginger Grant teaches at SFU and is an international expert in corporate strategy using the power of archetypal psychology. Camp runs from noon – 2 p.m. in the student lounge.

  • Business Apprentice: The Margin. SFU business students will have 24 hours to create a strategic plan to turn a small amount of cash into a healthy profit — where margin is key. Watch students compete at various locations on campus between 2-3 p.m.

  • Watch a traditional lion dance on the mezzanine at 2 p.m., and dancers, including the Jawani Bhangera Team, the Salsa Club, Argentine Tango, and the SFU Girls Giddha team, throughout the afternoon.