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School of Resource Management celebrates 25 years

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Linda Vogt, 604.291.3074,
Frank Gobas, 604.291.5928,

September 16, 2004

Simon Fraser University's School of Resource and Environmental Management (REM) would like to welcome faculty, students, alumni and collaborators in resource-based research to a celebration of the school's 25th anniversary on September 17.

The school was launched to address a need for multi-disciplinary research on the many different social, economic, political and scientific issues that underlie resource-based problems. The school is one of only a few such facilities in Canada. With 100 full time equivalent graduate students, it is now known nationally for offering unique programs where students, trained in the sciences, humanities and engineering, take a common curriculum to address resource-based management issues. REM also offers courses to undergrad students in environmental programs through the faculties of science and arts.

"One of our key goals today is nurturing relations between faculty, students and alumni," says professor and current director of REM Frank Gobas. "They can help each other stay abreast of complex and rapidly changing issues confronting resource and environmental management. They can also feed each other the latest research, whether it be from an academic setting or from industry, on research tackling these issues." REM research on land use planning, forest practices, energy management, fisheries and the environment has impacted government policy and attracted numerous industry and community collaborators during the last quarter of a century.

SFU President Michael Stevenson, Dean of Graduate Studies Jonathan Driver, Dean of Applied Sciences Brian Lewis, former REM director and professor Tom Gunton, and Gobas will speak at the school's anniversary celebration. The event takes place from 3 pm to 8 pm at the Diamond University Centre, and will feature a video presentation by 2nd year REM student Tim Van Hinte. Professor Peter Williams, the director of the Centre for Tourism Policy and Research in REM, will MC the event. Professor emeritus Chad Day will reminisce about life as REM's first full-time faculty member and director, as will Randall Peterman, the first part-time faculty member, and Rhonda Keleher, the first secretary. For more information please call or email Linda Vogt, 604.291.3074,


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