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Week of April 29 – May 6, 2002

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Apr 30, 2002
US proposal sparks movement in Middle East crisis…While the U.S. proposal to allow Yasser Arafat to leave his compound removes one of the biggest obstacles to finding an end to the latest crisis in the Middle East, not everyone is convinced the move will result in significant progress. "I don't think the ‘release’ of Arafat signifies any profound changes in the overall situation," says SFU historian William Cleveland, an expert on the Middle East who is following the situation. " I suppose that the US and Israel will use it as a test to see if Arafat has the authority and the will to prevent further suicide attacks. If he lacks one or the other, he will probably become increasingly marginal to future developments."

William Cleveland, 604.291.5815; (

US sets its sights on Iraq…While US government officials say no plans have been formally drafted, there are indications that a US attack on Iraq is being planned for sometime next year. President Bush has made no secret of his plan to move at some point against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Pentagon officials say that the president has "multiple contingency plans." SFU political science professor Alexander Moens, who specializes in military strategy, can examine the military options being weighed by the US as well as the strategy behind a potential move against Iraq. He can also look at Canadian and American relations in light of events such as the recent deaths of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and tensions caused by proposed lumber tariffs.

Alexander Moens, 604.291.4361;

New ‘campsites’ to attract more happy campers…SFU attracts more than 6,000 kids to campus every summer to participate in a wide range of summer camps, and the numbers are expected to be even higher this year. Besides the popularity of recent additions like the esteem-building Girl Power (and weight training for boys), there are even more new camps running this summer (July and August), where kids can learn everything from video production to safety techniques taught in the new Rescue Academy camp. Scuba diving and triathlon camps are among new camps being offered. Some campers will have a unique opportunity to learn how to play the bagpipes or Scottish snare drum — under the masters of SFU’s world champion pipe band — in two new musical camps. Picking and choosing might be a little easier for those attending the summer camps open house on Saturday, May 4 in SFU’s east gym, featuring displays and demonstrations from various camps, including the traditionally popular mini-university program. Summer camps coordinator Peter Koci is anticipating a banner year for SFU’s camps. He can talk about individual camps as well as the demand for kids’ summer camping.

Peter Koci, 604.291.5434; Deidre Tombs, 604.291.4965