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Week of June 24-30, 2002

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Jun 25, 2002
G-8 meetings set to begin…Key world leaders are meeting in Kananaskis this week for the G-8 summit, the first since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. While being billed as a summit on Africa, other key issues, including terrorism and related issues of security, could arise. SFU experts who will be watching include: history professor Andre Gerolymatos, who specializes in security, the military and diplomacy (and can comment on terrorism and the role of intelligence agencies); political science professor Ted Cohn, who has recently completed a book on trade policy which includes discussion of the G-8 and other institutions (he can talk about the role the G-8 plays in trade policy issues); political economist Marjorie Griffin-Cohen, who can look at issues dealing with international trade, including the World Trade Organization; and political science professors Alexander Moens, an expert on international security and military strategy, and Patrick Smith, who specializes in Canadian politics and can look at the role Prime Minister Jean Chretien will play as host of the meetings. Meanwhile, SFU sociologist Heribert Adam can look at the prospects for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and aid measures, which are the impetus for the meetings.

Andre Gerolymatos, 604.291.5597;
Ted Cohn, 604.291.3145;
Marjorie Griffin-Cohen, 416.:481.6904 (until June 27);
Alexander Moens, 604.291.4361;
Patrick Smith, 604.291.3088/604.291.1544 (h); (he is away until June 27; email or leave a message)
Heribert Adam, 604.291.3720, (away until the 26th)

Spending for long term gain…It's a dubious claim to fame. But the Vancouver city councillor who racked up the biggest expense account on council for the fifth consecutive year says his spending was for long term gain. George Puil spent more than $18,000 in travel and training expenses last year. The 26-year council veteran says the money is for trips to Ottawa to lobby the federal government on such things as the GST, transportation and infrastructure programs. Puil says his efforts reaped millions of dollars for Vancouver from Ottawa. In Puil's defense, SFU political marketing expert Gary Mauser says, "Voters care a lot about municipal politicians squandering their tax money. But if Puil can make a convincing case, and it looks as though he can, I don't think many people will worry about it." He adds, "Of course this depends upon how good the civic opposition is at attacking him, and how competent he is at defending his trips to Ottawa. He didn't go to Florida or Hawaii, but to Ottawa. Who'd go there for fun?"

Gary Mauser, 604.291.3652;