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Week of Nov. 4 – 11, 2002

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Nov 04, 2002
Experts focus on post 9/11 world security…Issues related to securing a world wrought with fear of terrorism, and in particular, how those issues are affecting Canada, will be at the forefront when experts meet in Vancouver later this week. Participants attending a conference, In/Security: Canada in an international world, at SFU’s Harbour Centre campus Nov. 7-9 will examine everything from Canada’s relations with the Middle-East to the economic implications of increasing border security. Among key experts will be McGill University professor Desmond Morton, who will provide an overview of U.S. and Canadian defense. SFU experts will include:
Andre Gerolymatos, an historian and military strategist, on the use of special forces in the war on terrorism;
Patrick Smith, political science, on anti-terrorism and rights;
Linda Elmose, political science PhD student, on the trends, risks and costs of Canadian development assistance;
Allen Seager, director of the centre for Canadian studies, on how Canadians view pacifism, patriotism, and anti-imperialism;
Alex Netherton, political science, on the impact of the war on terrorism on Canada’s energy and environmental policies;
Douglas Ross, political science, on weapons of mass destruction and the threat to human rights in Canada;
Stephen McBride, chair of political science, on elite nationalism in an era of globalization.
A panel led by Dave Barrett of the Tommy Douglas Research institute will further examine the political issues involving world security.
Click here for their website.
Marianne Meadahl/Julie Ovenell-Carter, Media & PR, 604.291.4323
Susan Jamieson-McLarnon, Media & PR, 604.291.5151

Confronting scientific uncertainties head on ...Some might call it second-guessing but Randall Peterman thinks of it as the precautionary approach to fisheries management. The SFU population ecologist and Canada research chair in fisheries risk assessment and management has helped set up a lab dedicated to analysing the cause and possible effects of scientific uncertainties in fisheries management. "Decision makers can’t wait until every question is answered, especially because many Canadians depend on wild fish populations for their livelihood," says Peterman. Peterman will discuss the precautionary approach to fisheries management in his free, public lecture, Fish Population Dynamics, Uncertainty, and the Precautionary Approach to Fisheries Management, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 4:30 p.m., in the Halpern Centre, Burnaby campus.

Randall Peterman, 604.291.4683,

Candidates eye election finish line…With little more than a week left in the civic election race, candidates are increasing their profiles in a bid to get votes. Watching the developments across the Lower Mainland are SFU political scientists Patrick Smith and Kennedy Stewart who can also provide analysis of the results. The two can also comment on results of a mayoralty candidates’ meeting in what will be one of the most newsworthy races — the contest to become mayor of Vancouver. The three top contenders, Jennifer Clarke of the NPA, Larry Campbell of COPE and Valerie McLean of the vcaTEAM will take questions from journalists when they square off Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue.

Patrick Smith, 604.291.1544; Kennedy Stewart, 604.268.7913