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Issues & Experts >  Issues & Experts Archive > Week of Jan. 27 – Feb. 3, 2002

Week of Jan. 27 – Feb. 3, 2002

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Jan 28, 2003
Israelis go to the polls…Prime Minister Ariel Sharon appears poised for victory as Israel’s voters go to the polls under a cloud of continuing violence. Sharon hopes for a national unity government with Labour so that he can begin peace talks. SFU historian and Middle East expert William Cleveland can assess the outcome of the vote and its impact on Israelis and the peace process.

William Cleveland, 604.291.5815, william_cleveland@sfu.ca

A puppet or powerful leader?…Recent comments from a Liberal MP visiting Iraq have fueled controversy over a growing US appetite for war. George W. Bush, arguably the most powerful man in the world, has been frequent fodder for harsh personal attacks and criticism because of his relentless pursuit of Iraq. SFU political science professor Alex Moens is working on a new book about the governing approach of the US president, who delivers his much-anticipated state of the union address Tuesday, Jan. 28. Moens will reflect on Bush’s political experience and skill in domestic, foreign and security fronts at a Fraser Institute policy briefing on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at noon (12 p.m.) Meanwhile, SFU military strategist Andre Gerolymatos says Bush has little choice but eventually to go to war. "If he does not, he will be seen by many in the Middle East as backing down and Saddam Hussein winning. If he goes to war, he will forfeit considerable popularity in the US. There may be some concessions over the timing for the UN inspectors, but war it will be."

Alex Moens, 604.291.4361, alexander_moens@sfu.ca
Fraser Institute, 604.714.4578; events@fraserinstitute.ca
Andre Gerolymatos, 604.291.5597, andre_gerolymatos@sfu.ca

A critical look at health care…Nine months after conception, is BC’s revised health care system fairing well or critically ill? That question will be discussed at the first public forum on the BC government’s changes to the health care system since they were announced in April 2002. SFU’s Institute for Health Research and Education (IHRE) and the Gerontology Research Centre are hosting the free forum Tuesday, Feb. 4, 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Harbour Centre, in the Fletcher Challenge Theatre. Provincial Health Minister Colin Hansen and Intermediate and Long Term Health Care Minister Katherine Whittred are expected to attend. SFU bioethicist Tom Koch, a forum co-organizer and speaker, says "the government’s changes are not a restructuring but a fundamental contraction of services, by at least 10 percent in some health districts."

Tom Koch, 604.714.0348, tokoch@attglobal.net

A tool for marine gazing…A new technology for tracking animals in the ocean will enable marine scientists to see and study ocean life and movement the same way that the Hubble space telescope helps astronomers study the stars. The technology is called POTENT (the Pacific Ocean Tracking & Evaluation Network). It will enable marine scientists to obtain extensive oceanographic and fisheries data for the entire shelf and slope region off North America’s West Coast. Researchers at SFU’s Centre for Coastal Studies can comment on the importance of this new technology. The centre is hosting a lecture by POTENT principal investigator David Welch on Thursday, Jan. 30, 3:30 p.m., AQ 3150. Welch is also a marine researcher with Federal Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Rick Routledge, 604.291.4478, richard_routledge@sfu.ca

Creating the global classroom…It smacks of the kind of science fiction that we see in classics such as Star Trek or Star Wars. But instead of inter-galactic races signing peace deals it could be universities and faculties on opposite sides of the globe signing alliances via cyberspace. SFU associate business professor Drew Parker is a veteran user of the Internet in the classroom and can talk about what increased use of the Internet as a communication tool means for the future. He’ll share his own experiences at an event sponsored by SFU’s learning and instructional development centre on Monday, Feb. 3, 12:30 -1:20 p.m., Room 126, Halpern Centre.

Drew Parker, 604.291.3102, parker@sfu.ca