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Issues & Experts >  Issues & Experts Archive > Budget, Korea, Kyoto, daycare, elder abuse - Issues and Experts

Budget, Korea, Kyoto, daycare, elder abuse - Issues and Experts

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February 14, 2005
Liberals lay out B.C.'s financial roadmap…The Liberals will unveil their pre-election spending plans for the province when the 2005 budget is brought down Tuesday, Feb. 15. SFU experts can comment on a range of issues affecting provincial as well as national issues (in light of the federal budget being unveiled next week). They include;

Richard Harris, economics, 604.291.3795; rharris@sfu.ca
The impact of the budgets and its overall significance for growth, employment and inflation

David Andolfatto, economics, 604.291.5825, david_andolfatto@sfu.ca
Economic development, business cycles, labour market

John Richards, business, 604.291.4568/5250, john_richards@sfu.ca
Budget impact on social programs

Marjorie Griffin-Cohen, political science, 604.291.5838, mcohen@sfu.ca
Political economy, economic gender equality

David Laycock, political science, 604.291.3089; laycock@sfu.ca
Budget's political implications

Warren Gill, geography, 604.291.5005; warren_gill@sfu.ca
Transportation issues

Geoff Madoc-Jones, education, 604.291.5969; geoff_madoc-jones@sfu.ca
Budget issues affecting education

Gloria Gutman, gerontology, 604.291.5063; gutman@sfu.ca
Budget issues affecting seniors

Andrew Wister, gerontology, 604.291.5044; wister@sfu.ca
Budget issues affecting seniors/particularly housing and health

Barbara Mitchell, sociology/gerontoloty, 604.291.6628/5234; barbara_a_mitchell@sfu.ca
Budget issues affecting families/seniors

Neil Boyd, criminology, 604.291.3324; neil_boyd@sfu.ca
Crime issues

Diane Finegood, kinesiology, 604.291.6598, diane_finegood@sfu.ca
Budget issues related to fitness/health

Next move North Korea…Last week North Korea announced that it has nuclear weapons and that it is suspending disarmament talks indefinitely. SFU political scientists Alex Moens and Doug Ross are following what is turning into a dangerous political chess game. They can comment on the new US Secretary of State's attempt to offer North Korea a way out of the political position into which it has boxed itself.

Feeding the green monster…Politicians at all levels of government are reportedly in a tizzy over whether Canada can afford the cost of meeting greenhouse gas emission promises made seven years ago. Canada made the promises when agreeing to comply with the Kyoto Protocol, an international ruling that commits countries worldwide to reducing air pollution to specific levels by 2010. The accord takes effect Wednesday, February 16. Mark Jaccard, a professor of resource and environmental management at SFU, has written extensively on strategies that Canada should undertake to comply with the accord. CBC Radio One 690 will broadcast its national show On the Coastfrom SFU's Renaissance Coffee Café in the Cornerstone building from 4-6 p.m. on Wednesday. Jaccard will be on the program discussing his views.
    Mark Jaccard, 604.291.4219, mark_jaccard@sfu.ca

    What to do with children…Childcare advocates have been lobbying long and hard for a federally funded, national daycare program that has national standards enshrined in federal legislation. Lobbying took center stage last week in Vancouver, during a federal-provincial meeting on how best to realize a national child-care system. SFU political scientist Marjorie Griffin Cohen can offer some thought on how realistic the demands of advocates are and what governments are likely to provide.

    Tsunami! Lessons learned…SFU's centre for coastal studies and the Royal Society of Canada will present a free lecture called Tsunami! Lessons Learned from the Catastrophe in the Indian Ocean as part of the Speaking Science lecture series. SFU earth scientist and Canada Research Chair John Clague, who is working on a book about tsunamis, will talk about the likelihood of a disaster, such as the recent deadly South Asian tsunami, occurring in the North Pacific Ocean. Clague will also talk about lessons learned in dealing with the recent tsunami, which so far has claimed 250,000 lives. The lecture takes place Wednesday, February 16, 7:00 p.m. at Fletcher Challenge Theatre, room 1900, Harbour Centre campus. Reservation: 604.291.5100 or penikett@sfu.ca
      John Clague, 604.291.4924, clague@sfu.ca

      An honest mistake or sexism…Gay and lesbian groups and individuals are stunned by what embarrassed BC health officials are calling a bizarre oversight. It was recently brought to their attention that their government website describes homosexuality as a mental disorder, next to bestiality and pedophilia. As well as being a research grants facilitator in SFU's faculty of education, Gerald Walton is researching how schools deal with homophobic bullying for his doctorate in education at Queen's University. His research has led him to conclude that society's stance on issues and policies relating to sexuality are heavily influenced by ongoing ill-founded beliefs about homosexuality. Walton notes that, even though the American Psychiatric Association struck the characterization of homosexuality as a mental illness from its diagnostic manuals in 1973, psychologists continue to promote the model. Walton also draws an interesting analogy between misperceptions of homosexuality as a mental illness and misperceptions about intellectual capacity based on race.

      Preventing abuse among older women…A provincial pilot test of a model emergency shelter for older abused women completed in 2004 found a critical need to improve public and professional understanding of older woman abuse. SFU's gerontology research centre and the BC. Yukon Society of Transition Houses are holding a forum to address issues of violence and abuse in later life called Building Bridges for the Prevention of Older Woman Abuse, Feb. 17 and 18 at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue. Gloria Gutman former gerontology research centre director has considerable expertise in research on issues of abuse later in life, is a keynote speaker