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March 08, 2007
Translink takes a new route
Never miss a bus again
Translink takes a new route
The provincial government is expected to announce sweeping changes to the Lower Mainland's transit system today. SFU urban geographer Warren Gill can comment on the impact of those changes.

Warren Gill, 604.291.5218,

Never miss a bus again
Translink announced today that the electronic message boards at city-wide bus stops will likely be scrapped because they don't work properly, but two enterprising Simon Fraser University computing science undergraduates are already filling the information gap with a free text message service that delivers free bus schedule information right to your cell phone. One catch: their service will only be available until the end of March - but if there's enough interest, they'll work to make it permanent.  Says student Igor Faletski: "As long as you have a cell phone, you'll know when the bus is coming--no matter where you are or which bus you need.

Visit for more information.

Igor Faletski, 778.896.4467,,
John Boxall,