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Federal budget comes down Monday

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March 16, 2007
Federal budget comes down Monday
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s minority Conservative government will deliver its second federal budget on Monday, March 19 at about 4 pm (EST). SFU faculty members who can speak about what it will mean for taxpayers include:

David MacLean, health sciences, 604.291.5361;; public health issues
Jonathan Kesselman, public policy program (Canada Research Chair in public finance),; 604. 264.9812; GST, tax cuts
Wilf Hurd, director, government relations, 604.291.5672; post-secondary education issues
Mark Leier, history, 604.291.5827;; labour issues
Warren Gill, geography, 604.291.5005;; transportation issues
Mario Pinto, chemistry, 604.291.4152;
Richard Harris, economics, 604.291.3795;; overall significance for growth, employment and inflation
Patrick Smith, political science, 605.291.1544 (h);; federal politics/parties/elections
Neil Boyd, criminology, 604.291.3324;; crime issues
Mark Wexler, business, 604.268.7846;;
 government and ethics
Lindsay Meredith, business, 604.291.5554; 1-604.932.6934 (in Whistler, with freelance cameramen available);; budgetary and political implications.
John Richards, business, 604.291. 5250;; impact on social programs
Diane Finegood, kinesiology, 604.291.6598;; fitness/health issues
David Laycock, political science, 604.291.3089;; political implications
David Andolfatto, economics, 604.291.5825,; economic development, business, labour market issues
Barbara Mitchell, sociology/gerontology, 604.291.6628/5234;; family/seniors issues
Andrew Wister, gerontology, 604.291.5044;; seniors issues, particularly housing and health

And for environmental issues:

Ryan Allen, health sciences, 604.268.7631;; air pollution health effects
Diana Allen, earth sciences, 604.291.3967;; climate change impacts on water
John Clague, earth sciences, 604.291.4924;; environmental and climate change; earthquakes and tsunamis
Alex Clapp, geography, 604.291.3635;; forestry, resources; role of carbon taxes in climate change policy
Gwen Flowers, earth sciences, Canadian Research Chair in glaciology; 604.268.6638;; glaciology/climate
Ken Lertzman, resource/environmental management, 604.291.3067;;; forests, fires and climate
Nancy Olewiler, economics, 604.291.3442;;
environmental economics/policy
Patrick Smith, political science, 604.291.1544 (h),;
politics and the environment
Tim Takaro, health sciences, 604.268.7186;; health-related impacts of climate change
Peter Williams, director, centre for tourism policy research,
environmental issues, tourism
Mark Winston, biology/dialogue program, 604.268.7894;; teaching/research programs to develop policies to adapt to climate change