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Issues & Experts >  Issues & Experts Archive > The provincial election - a week to go. Update #3

The provincial election - a week to go. Update #3

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May 10, 2005
The provincial election - a week to go. Update #3….The countdown is on as voters prepare to elect their MLAs and vote on a new election system. SFU faculty listed below continue to follow the issues and can provide comment during the campaign's final stage. Please call the media/pr office at 604.291.3210 if we can be of further help.


Catherine Murray, communication, 604.291.5322; murraye@sfu.ca
Polling and public opinion trends; her fourth-year seminar class in political communication will be studying the election.


Neil Boyd, criminology, 604.291.3324; 604.947.9569; neil_boyd@sfu.ca
Crime and justice issues


David Andolfatto, economics, 604.291.5825, david_andolfatto@sfu.ca
Economic development, business cycles, labour market

John Richards, business, 604.291. 4568/5250; john_richards@sfu.ca
Budgeting; aboriginal affairs


Paul Shaker, dean of education, 604.291.4183; pshaker@sfu.ca
B.C.'s education issues

Milt McClaren, (in Kelowna); 1.250.764.8781; milt_mcclaren@sfu.ca
Education issues, focusing on curriculum, technology


Mark Wexler, business, 604.291.4250, 604.738.2366; mark_wexler@sfu.ca
Government and ethics


Rick Routledge, statistics, 604.291.4478; routledg@stat.sfu.ca
Fish farming; sea lice

Health/Social programs

Diane Finegood, kinesiology, 604.268.6598, inmd3@sfu.ca
Issues related to fitness/physical activity, given the recent focus on healthy living in the provincial budget

Gloria Gutman, gerontology, 604.291.5063; gutman@sfu.ca (away April 28-May 14)
Seniors issues

David MacLean, director, institute for health research and education, 604.291.5361; dmaclean@sfu.ca
Health policy, primary care, public health, chronic disease prevention, health promotion, global health

Barbara Mitchell, sociology/gerontology, 604.268.6628/291-5234; barbara_a_mitchell@sfu.ca
Issues affecting families/seniors

Tom Koch, gerontology, 604.714.0348; tomkoch@kochworks.com
Health and disabilities

Dan Weeks, psychology, 604.291.3358; daniel_weeks@sfu.ca
Health and disabilities

Andrew Wister, gerontology, 604.291.5044; wister@sfu.ca
Health, aging, demographic issues


Don DeVoretz, economics, 604.291.4660; don_devoretz@sfu.ca
Immigration issues in B.C.

Parin Dossa, sociology, 604.291.3778; parin_dossa@sfu.ca
Immigration issues in B.C.


Shinder Purewal, adjunct professor, political science, 604.729.4592 (cell); spurewal@sfu.ca
The ethnic vote


Lynda Erickson, 604.291.4357; erickson@sfu.ca
Elections, campaigns, gender gap issues

Marjorie Griffin-Cohen, political science, 604.291.5838; mcohen@sfu.ca
Political economy, economic gender equality; author of a chapter in Governing Under Stress (Dec. 2004)

Andrew Heard, political science, 604.291.3043; andrew_heard@sfu.ca
The Single Transferable Vote (STV); political parties, election process

David Laycock, political science, 604.291.3089; laycock@sfu.ca
Political analysis

Doug McArthur, public policy program, 604.291.5208; doug_mcarthur@sfu.ca
The Single Transferable Vote (STV)

Gary Mauser, business, 604.291.3652; gary_mauser@sfu.ca
Political analysis/polls

Lindsay Meredith, business, 604.291.5554; lindsay_meredith@sfu.ca
Political and election analysis

Kennedy Stewart, public policy program, 604.268.7913; kennedys@sfu.ca
Elections, government. His students are involved in polling projects, including public safety perceptions and charitable giving


Tom Gunton, director, resource and environmental planning program, 1.250.477.7601, tgunton@shaw.ca
Environmental and resource issues, economic development

Mark Jaccard, resource and environmental management, 604.291.4219; mark_jaccard@sfu.ca (away until May 11)
Energy issues

Peter Mustard, earth sciences, 604.291.5389; pmustard@sfu.ca
Resource issues, including oil and gas

Peter Williams, director, centre for tourism policy and research., 604.291.3103; peter_williams@sfu.ca
Tourism issues/the 2010 Olympics