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Issues & Experts >  Issues & Experts Archive > SFU experts on the federal election

SFU experts on the federal election

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November 29, 2005
A vote of non-confidence in the federal Liberal government has set the stage for an election. SFU experts can look at how the year-end campaign will play out. SFU's media/pr office will provide regular updates of its experts list as issues develop. Those readily available to comment include:

Marjorie Griffin Cohen, political science, 604.291.5838; mcohen@sfu.ca
Political economy; trade issues

Richard Harris economics, 604.929.3255 (h); rharris@sfu.ca
Issues related to the Canadian economy

Andrew Heard, political science, andrew_heard@sfu.ca
While he is currently on leave, Heard has produced a website with a wide range of background information about federal elections and electoral reform. It has been updated in anticipation of the upcoming election and can be found at www.sfu.ca/~aheard/elections/

Doug McArthur, public policy, 604.291.5208; 604.786.0016; doug_mcarthur@sfu.ca
Public policy issues; i.e. softwood lumber dispute

Gary Mauser, business, 604.291.3652; gary_mauser@sfu.ca
Political marketing/strategies

John Richards, business/public policy, 604.291.5250; 604.255.7053; john_richards@sfu.ca
Canadian social policy, labour policy, First Nations issues

Patrick Smith, political science, 604.291.1544 (h); psmith@sfu.ca
Federal/provincial politics, political parties, leaders, and strategies