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Ukraine, digital memories, Christmas - Issues and Experts

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December 20, 2004
Monitoring the Ukraine election…Doug McArthur, a professor in SFU's Masters program in public policy, has been selected to be a member of the Canadian monitoring team for the Ukraine election, to be held on December 26. Canada announced on Dec. 6 that it would provide up to 500 election observers to support the second presidential runoff elections in Ukraine. Canada continues to impress upon Ukrainian authorities the importance of ensuring that the upcoming vote is carried out in a free and fair manner, in keeping with international standards.

Doug McArthur (leaves for the Ukraine on Tuesday, Dec. 21): 604.786.0016

Replacing the shoe box...In an age of digital photography, what happens to the old shoe box? SFU associate communication professor Richard Smith can talk about the impact of digital cameras and how they're changing how we preserve memories. “Most people only like a few of the pictures on a roll of film, rarely pull them out to look at, but keep all of them. Digital photos are kept and shared and referred to more often and are potentially easier to preserve - if you back them up. Of course most people are as careless with their digital files as they are with their paper files (if not more so) and so many are lost.”

Richard Smith, 604.291.5116; smith@sfu.ca

Christmas, unwrapped…Like most people, Jim McArthur has Christmas on his mind. But he has a particular interest in how people balance the personal and the more mundane aspects of the season. As a follow up to his discussion at a philosopher's café last Christmas entitled The Sacred, the Profane and Christmas, which focused on what people remember about Christmas, he will look at the reasons why we celebrate, and what the winter holidays mean, at a café discussion on Thursday, Dec. 30 at the Seniors Café at Dogwood Pavilion in Coquitlam. McArthur, a former Coquitlam teacher and past head of Centennial high school's English department, is currently a graduate student in SFU's educational leadership doctoral program.

Jim McArthur, 604.939.8040; mccarthub@sfu.ca

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