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Corporate downsizing

November 24, 2008
Corporate downsizing – doing it right
Deciding who stays and who goes during times of economic downturn – a situation many companies now face – can make or break a business. While layoffs may be necessary there are good and bad strategies, says Peter Tingling, associate professor of business at SFU. He says incoherent layoff strategies can lead to ‘brightsizing,’ – where poor decision-making may encourage the brightest to abandon ship, leading to even poorer results for the company. Tingling, who is also CEO of a decision sciences company, Octothorpe Software Corporation, studies organizational decision-making and can talk about effective downsizing strategies.
Colleague Rick Iverson, who studies management and organizations, can also comment on downsizing.
The Financial Post recently blogged that job cuts will likely hit Canada's banking sector next week. SFU Business professor Andrey Pavlov is standing by to comment on the economic and social impact of mass lay-offs.

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