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Pakistan: battle of words

August 3, 2010
Reacting to leaked documents that accuse Pakistan of helping Afghan militants, British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned Pakistan not to “promote the export of terror.”

John Harriss, School of International Studies director, notes Britain depends significantly on sharing intelligence with Pakistan to get a handle on possible terrorism in the U.K. “So, though what Cameron said is, pretty certainly, factually correct, no useful point was served by his saying it.”

Doug Ross, a security expert in political science, says: “Cameron could not avoid saying something about the issue given his visit to India and desperate desire to stimulate U.K.-India trade. Cost? Not much at this point. He may be preparing the ground for a U.K. withdrawal from combat role in Afghanistan far sooner than the Americans might hope.”

Andre Gerolymatos, a security expert in Hellenic Studies, says: “Pakistan’s intelligence service is either becoming a rogue outfit or Pakistan’s government is using the service to pursue a dangerous policy by using terror.” Gerolymatos adds his next book is about Pakistan, and the last two chapters will address relations between the country, its intelligence service and the Taliban.

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