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Student on Egypt, brain battle stalled

February 3, 2011

Student reflects on Egypt
While the world is waiting to see if Canada urges Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to vacate his office now rather than later, an SFU International Studies student in Egypt last semester is watching in amazement. Mitchell Shaw, a third year student studying international security and conflict, was taking political science courses on the Middle East in an exchange program with the American University in Cairo last fall. Shaw says, “Even though I would never have predicted political upheaval of this magnitude, there was definitely a strong sense of despair with the government amongst people, even students at American University.”

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Brain battle stalled due to Egypt turmoil

A trio of SFU students with tickets for Egypt later this month for the international Battle of the Brains competition has been sidelined. The SFU team topped the regional competition of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) in December, winning the right to compete against the world’s brainiest students at the finals in Egypt later this month. The contest involves trying to resolve the most brain-numbing questions with accuracy and speed. Computing science lecturer and coach Brad Bart says team member have been practicing up to five hours a day, something they’ll continue as they await word of a possible venue relocation. “We’re hoping that’ll be the case,” says Bart. “We’re keen to keep preparing until we hear otherwise.”

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