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January 29, 2004
Getting Canada on the move…A national health research initiative launched this week is targeting what motivates people to get active and is encouraging Canadians to count their daily steps by clipping on pedometers and ‘donate’ the steps to research, by submitting them on a website SFU kinesiology professor Diane Finegood says pedometers can be helpful but more research is needed to learn about how they are used and what motivates people to increase their levels of physical activity. Finegood is the scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism, and Diabetes (INMD) which is undertaking the initiative.

Web coaches create rise in success…Professional coaching for personal and business success is the fastest growing consulting practice in North America, with February 1-7 slated as International Coaching Week. New SFU research reveals that professional coaches who create websites for their businesses will enjoy increased business success and growth.

Wiring the olfactory system…Groundbreaking research of the genetic bases of the mammalian olfactory system — our sense of smell — has earned Dr. Peter Mombaerts the 2003 Frank Allison Linville’s R.H. Wright Award in Olfactory Research. The associate professor and head of the laboratory of developmental biology and neurogenetics at the Rockerfeller University in New York City will talk on wiring the olfactory system when he gives a lecture at SFU Harbour Centre (Fletcher Challenge Theatre) on Thursday, Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. Dr. Mombaerts’ work has provided important insights into the mechanisms that underlie odorant receptor gene regulation. Dr. Mombaerts is at SFU as a distinguished visiting professor until Friday Jan. 30 and can be available for interviews.
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