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US election, Yasser Arafat - Issues and Experts

November 02, 2004
US presidential election race nears finish…The polls show US President Geroge W. Bush and Senator John Kerry neck and neck as voters go to the polls today. SFU historian Michael Fellman specializes in US political history and can assess factors that could potentially influence the outcome. Political science professor Alexander Moens has just published a book on President Bush, The Foreign Policy of George W. Bush: Values, Strategy and Loyalty, (Nov. 2004) and can look at the race from the Bush camp perspective. Professor emeritus Alan Aberbach has expertise in the US presidency and gave a recent talk on the topic. SFU historian Nicholas Guyatt looks at contemporary US politics. The new faculty member spent the past seven years in the US and has been following the election issues. Meanwhile, SFU geography professor Eugene McCann is an expert in public policy and political geography in the US. Business professor and political marketing expert Lindsay Meredith can also provide election analysis.

Waiting for word on Arafat…Key Palestinian and Israeli leaders have been meeting to discuss the ramifications of the absence of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who is being examined in a French hospital for an undisclosed ailment. The results of his examination are expected Tuesday. A senior aide has said his illness is not life threatening but there is mounting speculation about his condition and whether or not he will fully recover. SFU hisorians William Cleveland and Andre Gerolymatos can assess the implications of Arafat's absence and his medical condition.

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