Digital Records Transfer Request Form: Private Records

To initiate transfer, complete this form and click the Submit button. The Archives will review your request; on approval, Archives will provide a Transfer Number, expiry date, and link to a folder on SFU Vault for upload. Starred fields (*) are mandatory.

Collection Notice

The information on this form is collected under the authority of the University Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c.468). It is related directly to and needed by the University for validating requests to transfer digital materials to SFU Archives from non-SFU organizations and persons under the terms of a Donation Agreement. The information will be used to contact you to verify your authority to transfer the materials and to clarify the contents of the materials you are requesting to transfer. As a user of SFU Archives’ service, you may be contacted by Archives for your opinions about the effectiveness of this service. If you have any questions about the collection, use and disclosure of this information please contact the University Archivist, SFU Archives and Records Management Department, 778.782.2313.

Contact Information

Enter the date you submit the Request Form
Provide your name
Provide the name of your organization if applicable
Provide your job title or the name of your position
Provide your email address
Provide the primary telephone number at which you be can reached

Description of material for transfer

Enter the name of the organization or person responsible for creating and maintaing the records
Enter the year of the earliest-dated records and lastest-dated records in the transfer
Provide a description of materials to be transferred
Give the approximate size of the transfer in MB, GB or TB (using the radio buttons below to specify the measure)
Metadata or other documentation available?
Check "Yes" if other information is available that provides additional context, e.g. file lists, indexes, other metadata, screenshots, systems documentation. Describe in the box provided. Archives will consult with you re: transfer of this information

File formats

Check all file formats that (to the best of your knowledge) will be included in the transfer. If you are transferring file formats that do not appear below, list the extensions in the Other formats box. See the Archives' Format Policy Registry (FPR) for more information about file formats, including the level of preservation support currently offered for the various formats.

Textual records
Still images
Moving images
Spreadsheets / databases
Sound recordings

Page last updated: Jun 23, 2017