Personal Information Directory

Personal Information Directory (PID)

The Personal Information Directory (PID) contains descriptions of the Personal Information Banks (PIBs) created and maintained by Simon Fraser University. A PIB is a collection of personal information that is organized and capable of being retrieved using an individual's name or an identifying number or some other personal identifier. PIB entries are added to the Directory as PIB records series are identified and scheduled.

Under British Columbia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, SFU is required to make available to the public a listing of the PIBs it creates and maintains. The purpose of the PID is to make this listing accessible online. A PIB entry in the Directory includes the following information:

Title: Gives the name of the records series constituting the PIB.

Location: Identifies the SFU department with primary responsibility for maintaining the records.

Types of personal information: Lists the main categories of personal information found in the records.

Purpose for which personal information obtained / compiled and used / disclosed: States the rationale for the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information in the records.

Individuals using personal information or to whom it is disclosed: Identifies the types of individuals who use or have access to the personal information in the records; individuals are described in terms of job titles, e.g. "patrol supervisors", "payroll clerks".

Individuals included in the PIB: Indicates the types of individuals who are the subjects of the record, described in general terms, e.g. "students," "employees."

Legal authorities for the collection of personal information: Enumerates the federal or provincial statutes and SFU policies that regulate the activities generating the records and govern the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposition of the personal information contained in the PIB.

RRSDA number: Specifies the SFU Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA) governing the length of time records in the PIB are retained and their final disposition at the end of this period (destruction or transfer to Archives for permanent retention). A link to the full text of the relevant RRSDA is given in each PIB entry.