Frequently Asked Questions

Will SFU Archives digitize my records?

While digitizing analogue records is a great way to make them more accessible to a wider audience, there are several deterrents to digitization.

Digitization is a costly process when done according to recognized quality assurance standards. Thereafter, there is an added cost to preserve the digitized material in addition to the original analogue source records.

Permission may be needed from the copyright owner of the records. Generally, there are multiple copyright owners associated with any given body of records.

Records containing personal information and subject to provincial privacy laws or donor-imposed access restrictions cannot be digitized and posted online.

In general, SFU Archives tries to preserve records in the form in which they are received. Analogue records are housed in acid-free containers and stored in environmentally controlled vaults, while electronic records are migrated (i.e. copied) to recognized preservation formats and stored on secure servers.

SFU Archives may choose to digitize a body of records or some sub-set of a body of records if the resources are available, the demand warrants it, and there are no legal impediments to doing so