Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just drop off my records at SFU Archives?

If you are thinking about donating your records, you are always welcome to visit us to discuss a proposed donation. However, we are unable to make acquisition decisions without first collecting contextual background information that is necessary to assess their fit with our acquisition mandate and the impact any acquisition will have on our financial, staff and physical resources. See How to Donate Your Records to SFU Archives for details. These assessments are best scheduled in advance.

In addition, we ask donors to sign a Donation Agreement, legally transferring ownership of the records to the University. Donation Agreements are required for even the smallest of donations. Particulars of the agreement are negotiated between you and SFU Archives, including any time-limited, public access restrictions; copyright assignments; and tax receipting. Even if these matters are of little interest to you and you are more than happy to drop off your records and allow SFU Archives to preserve and provide access to them in any manner we see fit, we still need to be able to prove ownership and document donor expectations (or lack thereof) to avoid confusion or any liability issues that might arise at a later date. The Staff Archivist needs some lead-time to prepare a donation agreement for your signature.

We always work with you to make the donation process as straightforward and as easy as possible. It's best if the donation proceeds in a structured way that allows SFU Archives to first assess the suitability of the proposed donation for our repository and then document the legal transfer of the records.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your donation.