Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organizations donate records to SFU Archives?

SFU Archives has acquired records from a variety of organizations, including collectives, non-profit societies, and professional associations. These records support research in a variety of areas, including second wave feminism, social activism, labour, and publishing.  Examples include:

  • East Enders Society, a private social service group which worked to aid women in Vancouver's East Side neighbourhoods
  • Press Gang Publishers, a feminist printing press that published quality trade paperback books—fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art—primarily by Canadian women authors and artists
  • British Columbia Student Federation, an umbrella advocacy group representing student unions at BC's universities, colleges, technical schools, and secondary schools.

We also acquire the records of campus community organizations that are closely affiliated with the University, but are separately incorporated bodies. The acquisition of these records enriches an understanding of the broader university community, supplementing SFU's corporate historical record. Examples include:

  • Simon Fraser Student Society
  • Simon Fraser University Childcare Society
  • Simon Fraser Women's Centre

SFU Archives would consider acquiring the records of businesses if the records offered were valuable in documenting the history of an industry of particular importance to British Columbia's Lower Mainland.