Step 2: Packing a box

Boxes transferred to the URC for storage can only contain records from one RRSDA. We cannot accept boxes that have different kinds of records in one box. Once you have matched your records to the applicable retention schedule, you need to determine if you have at least a half box per each retention schedule. Due to space considerations, we only take boxes that are at least half full. Do not overstuff boxes; bulging boxes will not fit on the URC shelving.

Pack files into standard Records Centre boxes (1.5 cu. ft. “tote” boxes). Please, do not use any other type of box - they will not fit on the standard shelving in the URC. Boxes can be ordered from Corporate Express. The Records Centre Clerk may have extra boxes available for use. Please contact the Archives to inquire.

When boxing files, try to make one box equal to one unit of time (semester, calendar or fiscal year) of the same record series.  

  • Do not take documents out of their original file folders.
  • Pack the original file folders into the tote boxes with the folder tabs clearly visible when the box lid is opened.
  • Place the files in the same order as they were arranged in the department’s filing cabinets and follow the existing departmental filing system.