Step 3: Creating a file list

Once your box or boxes are packed, you can produce a file list. The purpose of the file list is to:

  1. Allow you to retrieve the files should someone from your department need to review their contents.
  2. Give important information to the archivists about your files if permanent transfer to the SFU Archives is their final disposition.

Ideally, create your file list as a spreadsheet, providing key identification for each file such as the file title, date range of the files and any other information that will assist with locating the correct file folder in the case of a retrieval. We will retrieve files for you, but it is your responsibility to know what files you have in storage. File a local copy of each file list to ensure the department has a continuous record of what files have been transferred to the URC and when.

Send the file list to the Records Clerk via email and include a hard copy inside your packed file box.

What does a file list look like?

Here are two sample file lists: