Step 4: Complete the Transfer form

Now that your boxes are packed and you have created your file lists, it's time to contact the Records Centre Clerk to request a File Transfer Form. You need one form for each of your packed file boxes.

Once the Records Centre Clerk has sent you the correct number of Transfer Forms, complete each one with the required information:

  • Box number: Add your own box number, if you have an internal numbering system; if not, leave this blank.
  • RRSDA #: Enter the RRSDA that applies, based on your work during step 1
  • Box title: Include a name that describes the type of files in the box.
  • Dates: Include the oldest and newest date of the files in your box. This helps us set the retention period and determines how long the box will be kept in the semi-active period.
  • File list?: Check yes if you have completed the box list from step 3. Send it to the Records Clerk along with the Transfer Form, or send it separately in an email.



Contact Us:

Records Centre Clerk

One final check to make sure you didn’t miss anything:

  • Packed your files in original order according to the correct RRSDA?
  • Prepared a file list?
  • Phoned the Records Services Clerk about the number of boxes and forms needed?
  • Received and completed one Transfer Form for each box and returned the completed forms to Records Management?
  • Arranged for collection of your boxes?
  • Filed local copies of the File Lists?
  • Received and filed your updated Shelf Location List and disposed of any outdated lists?

Once you are all done, send the form(s) and file list(s) to the Records Centre Clerk who will review for accuracy and completion. Once approved, they will arrange to pick up the boxes. Pick up is only possible on Burnaby Campus for 12 boxes or less. For boxes transferred from Surrey or Vancouver, you can have them couriered. For more than 12 boxes, contact Facilities Services.