Records Retention Schedules and Disposal Authorities (RRSDAs):

A Records Retention Schedule and Disposal Authority (RRSDA) is a timetable developed for a particular group of files or type of record ("record series"). It regulates the life-span of all records in that class by prescribing:

An RRSDA includes in addition a description of the records, their purpose and use, the retention rationale, and filing guidelines for organizing the records so that the schedule may be easily applied.

RRSDAs are developed by the Archives and Records Management Department in consultation with the department(s) holding the records and come into force upon approval and signature by the University Archivist. The original, signed RRSDAs are kept on file in the Archives.

A retention schedule embodies an appraisal of the records' long-term value, based on a number of considerations:

Records are accordingly scheduled for destruction or transfer to Archives; series designated for "selective retention" will be subjected to a more detailed analysis and appraisal upon processing.

DUR provides access to RRSDAs by four indexes:

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Last updated: May 7, 2010