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Dr. Shahin Dashtgard

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Dr. Shahin Dashtgard

Dr. Shahin Dashtgard
Professor, Earth Sciences, SFU

Room 7227, Technology and Science Complex (TASC) 1
8888 University Drive, SFU
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

Phone: (778) 782-5492
Fax:     (778) 782-4198

Twitter: @sdashtgard
LinkedIn: Shahin Dashtgard

Research Focus

My present research is focused in two subject areas: 1) resolving depositional cyclicty and evolution of convergent-margin basins (CMBs); and, 2) evaluating fluvio-tidal strata through time and space.

My work on CMBs is focused in two areas, the Georgia Basin, Vancouver Island, Canada and the Western Foreland Basin, Taiwan. In the Georgia Basin, my students and I are developing a basin-wide sequence stratigraphic architecture for terrestrial- to shallow-marine strata in the lower Nanaimo Group using outcrop exposures, subsurface cores, and detrital zircon. The sequence stratigraphic model is intended to replace the existing lithostratigraphic model, and will provide a better understanding of the evolution of the Georgia Basin and CMBs in general. We are also evaluating the early evolution of the Georgia Basin to gain additional insights into the tectonic evolution of western North America. In the Western Foreland Basin (WFB), Taiwan we are undertaking highly detailed stratigraphic analysis of Pliocene to Pleistocene, terrestrial- to shallow-marine strata to resolve depostional and climatic cycles. The Taiwan research is focused on deteriming how CMBs evolve and the dominant controls on sedimentation therein.

Work on fluvio-tidal deposits is present focused in the rock record, and specifically on the oil sands-hosting McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada. This work is part of a large research consortium between academia and industry aimed at resolving the architecture of the McMurray Sub-Basin, the end result of which will be a basin-wide sequence stratigraphic model of the Athabasca Oil Sands, and characterization of complex, stacked fluvio-tidal strata. In the modern, I am also involved in characterization fluvio-tidal environments in China and France.

My prior research career has focused largely on characterizing modern analogs for marginal-marine sedimentary strata, with work on fluvio-tidal systems and estuaries (Fraser River, Canada; Gironde Estuary and Arcachon Bay, France; Columbia River, Willapa Bay and Tillamook Bay, USA; Mitchell Delta, Australia) tidal shorefaces (Bay of Fundy and Vancouver Island, Canada), and deep-water asymmetric deltas (Fraser River Delta, Strait of Georgia, Canada). My modern research included both sedimentological and neoichnological characterizations of these environments, and the results were used to construct and refine sedimentological and ichnological facies models that aid in the interpretation of sedimentary rocks in outcrop and in the subsurface.


EASC 610 - Petroleum Geology (graduate class)
EASC 611 - Advanced Sedimentology (graduate class)
EASC 622 - Principles of Ichnology (graduate class)
EASC 707 - Special Topics - Scientific Writing (graduate class)

EASC 420 - Petroleum Geology
EASC 402 - Advanced Sedimentology
EASC 310W - Paleontology (Writing Intensive)
EASC 308 - Field School 2 (Sedimentology and Environmental Geology)
EASC 302 - Sedimentary Petrology
EASC 210 - Historical Geology